Alyce Weirick wrote:

Hi, guys —

I'm new to Catholicism and I received a Daily Missal with a Table of Sundays and Movable Feasts from 1966-1971.

  • As I'm unfamiliar with the Missal itself, can I use this liturgical book in 2017 to follow a daily Mass?

Please help,


  { Is this older daily Missal with a table of Sundays and Movable feasts usable for daily Mass in 2017? }

Eric replied:


Unfortunately not (unless you go to an Extraordinary Form Mass; these are uncommon, especially as a daily Mass).

What you have is for an earlier version of the Mass that is significantly different from the one celebrated today. The earlier version is sometimes referred to as the Tridentine Mass and is now celebrated as the Extraordinary Form of the Mass in some places as a devotional liturgy.


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