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New links have been added to the following pages People always sent me e-mails, asking me to add their links to my site. The following contains suggested additions from close friends to strangers. Your comments are appreciated as I have to decide if to keep the links on my web site. To my knowledge all the links below are inline with Catholic Theology and Teaching.

New links have been added to the following pages:

What's New

New Links [ This page ]
What's New from the Vatican
Catholic Converts
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New Advent Catholic links (comprehensive)

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The Catholic Philosophy page
NEW PAGE: Catholic Evangelization and Catechesis page
Holy Scripture page
Adult Study Tools page
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The Church

Catholic Churches on the 'Net'
Religious Orders page
Catholic Vocations page

Our Families

Our Family page Updated March 10 2006
Our Catholic and Christian women page
Music and Arts page
NEW PAGE: Same Sex Attraction Ministry page New links: Dec 10, 2005
Our Prayer Page
Our Political Catholic page

Mass and Adoration

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