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CCC Participant and Christian friend of,

Dear friendly visitors to my web site,

I wanted to share an update on my career. Although I have been able to find a retail job at B.J.'s Wholesale there is no certainty on whether this job will last, and if so, how long. I also received notice from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that I am no longer eligible for the food support program (EBT card) which I have been on for a long time.

The financial struggles I have been dealing with for the past few years have impacted my life and what I can do to serve:

  • Catholic Christians
  • non-Catholic Christians, and
  • other non-Christian visitors to

I also have car maintenance and other household expenses which has weighted down my VISA, which I'm trying to handle with a limited income.

Over the past few months, my finances have dropped and the Lord has not provided me with employment where I can support my FREE Catechism and Rosary program. I would like to start these programs up again but currently cannot.

My local Catholic parish in Natick (St. Patrick) nor the Archdiocese of Boston has shown any interest in financially supporting my work.

I am very aware that we are all going through rough times in this economy and my nature has always been one of giving. Personally, I can't stand those that view charity as "an exchange of favors"; they do not understand what true charity is. Over the past 10 years, I have sent out many copies of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and even more Rosaries and Brown Scapulars to Protestants and other non-Catholics.

If you have benefited from these programs and find yourself well off, please consider supporting my work by using the donation pages below.

If you cannot help me, I totally understand. It is still my hope and prayer that through my programs you have been able to have a better understanding of what Catholic Christians believe.

If you are in a situation similar to mine, yet know other family and friends who are financially strong — who would support my work — please share with them my support page.

The donate/Pay Pal page: (Remember Pay Pal takes 2% but is quick and fast.)
(This area also includes my postal address below the Pay Pal button.)

If anyone knows of any Catholic philanthropists in any field, (sports, news, business) who would be willing to finance my work, please share with them this page:

If they wish to know more about our work, share this with them:

Yours in Christ and the only Church He founded on St. Peter and his successors,

Mike Humphrey, CICEA
Catholic Internet Catechist, Evangelist and Apologist
We are a new breed of Catholic Christians who listen, clarify teachings, and correct misperceptions about the True Church Our Blessed Lord Jesus established on St. Peter and his successors, the Roman Catholic Church.

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