Peg Cruckshank wrote:

Hi, guys —

My cousin has stage four prostate cancer and has 18 months to live.

  • Does anyone know of a healing [priest|service] in Massachusetts?


  { Does anyone know of a healing [priest|service] in Massachusetts? }

Eric replied:

Hi, Peg —

I believe Fr. Tom DiLorenzo has a healing service. He's at Holy Rosary church in Winthrop but I'm not sure where or when the healing services are. Call or email the Archdiocesan Catholic Renewal Services office, they should be able to help you out <[email protected]>. There phone and fax number can be found on their diocesan page on

I also found this on a web search for him, I can't vouch for it but it sounds interesting.


John replied:

Hi, Peg —

Just to clarify Eric's statement.

Fr. Tom DiLorenzo is not associated with the Archdiocesan Renewal Offices. He has own ministry.

I believe he frequently has services in Waltham at the Espousal Center. They are usually on Wednesday nights.

The Renewal's office is located in Braintree at the new pastoral center. If you call the main number they will be able to connect you. The director is Vincent Cerasuolo.


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