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The SWHJ Brown Scapular Program for the Faithful "approaching eternal birth" (SBSPFF)
The Stephen William Humphrey Jr. Brown Scapular Program for the Faithful "approaching eternal birth". My father: Stephen William Humphrey Jr. born into eternal life at age 84, RIP Dad!

The SWHJ Brown Scapular Program for the Faithful "approaching eternal birth" (SBSPFF)

The Stephen William Humphrey Jr. Scapular Program for the Faithful (SBSPFF) is a program dedicated to my father Stephen William Humphrey Jr. who was born into eternal life on May 28th 2007.

What is the Brown Scapular? Do you have 17 minutes to spare? Listen.

How does it work?

If any one has an elder parent or friend in an end of life situation and is struggling with end of life issues, if they send me their COMPLETE snail mail / postal address in an e-mail, I'll send them a FREE, Brown Scapular they can put around their loved one and a small quarter page sheet of Questions and Answers titled "About the Brown Scapular". THERE IS ONE REQUIREMENT: That the person who you want this for, WANTS ONE. I received one reply via e-mail that stated:

Thank you very much but my mother wasn't interested.

There is a lot of time and money spent on my apostolates and no one should be forced to do something THEY do not wish to. There is nothing that is high quality about the Scapulars that I'm sending, but it's not intended to be. If our focus is on that, we have lost sight of the true meaning of the Brown Scapular. Just tell me where you want me to mail it by sending me your postal address.

To visitors outside the United States of America: I am sorry.

Due to the cost of shipping Catechisms around the world and a lengthy period of unemployment I have had, I CAN ONLY ship to the 50 United States of America. I hope the Lord will provide me with the finances to keep this apostolate going. It's my desire to be able to, once again, ship internationally.

All I ask are several things:

  • your postal address
  • that you are there when I send it
  • that you e-mail me when you receive it
  • your current faith (optional)

Why am I doing this?

Having gone through an "end of life" experience with a loved one for the first time, I found myself emotionally hurt and wondering why, while striving to do what the Church and Our Lord would want me to do.

That said, one of the most consoling experiences I had was when I took off my Five-Fold (Brown, Red, Black, Blue and White combination) Scapular and put it over my father who was unconscious at the time. I hope and pray this mini-apostolate will have the same effect on others who are facing similar difficult decisions.

Please send me a Brown Scapular for my loved one who is near death.

NOTE: If you are interested in buying a better quality scapular or the Five-Fold (Brown, Red, Black, Blue and White combination) Scapular I bought you can get them on-line at Rose Scapular Company. Warning: They can get pretty pricey.

Tell them Mike Humphrey from sent you!  

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