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Starting your own CPATS group


Starting your own CPATS group

  • Try identifying like-minded Catholics, where ever they live and whatever distance away they may be, who are loyal to the Catholic Church and the Church's magisterium. These may be people you pass by in the shopping malls without ever knowing the unique love and loyalty you both have for the Church.
  • Break these "stranger" barriers by getting together to talk about the faith over a lunch or dinner and build Catholic brotherhood but .....

    Make sure all your new "Catholic" friends are indeed Catholic and not wolves in sheep's clothing. Once a "Catholic" friend dissents or starts to dissent from the teaching authority of Christ, our Holy Father, Benedict XVI and the Catholic Church, look for another friend. A sad fact is that today, there are more and more far right wing groups that say they are "catholic" but don't believe in the documents of Vatican II and the CCC. They won't say it to you, but they really believe the Chair of Peter is empty. Develop all your friendships, but explain to him or her that coming to these meetings may be fruitless, because there is an underlying assumption that the members that get together are loyal to the Holy See. The Holy Father protects and guards the faith entrusted to him by Christ, Our Lord. On issues of faith and morals, he protects and guards Christ's Church

    My experience with the far right "catholics" you may run into is that they will not only try to convince you they are "catholic" BUT ACTUALLY TRY TO CONVINCE THEMSELVES. You have to be discerning on when "developing certain friendships", may just be a waste of time.

  • Try to develop a set of solid apologetic and evangelical reading books as well as solid prayer material that all of you can share and grow in the faith with. (Ask your pastor for suggestions if appropriate.)
  • One possible reply: "But no one lives near me."
If no one lives near you, try to establish solid connections possibly by looking at my Catholic apologetic web links or the links of CPATS members on the AAC member web page. Try to get on mailing lists and ask people if they know of anyone in your area with similar interests

CPATS Groups near you.

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