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Who answers your questions?

Meet the people behind!

We are the current team that answers most of your questions from the web site.

At times we have also gone to other well-known Catholic Apologists and priests to ensure you get the complete Catholic answer to your question. The current team:

Mike at Home Depot, Natick, Massachusetts            Mike Humphrey, Summer time look

Mike Humphrey, Professional look                Mike Humphrey, with my God child, Stevie

         Mike Humphrey, with my car . . . 113,000 plus miles.


Mike Humphrey, Catholic Apologist
E-mail: {Mike's E-mail address}

Mike Humphrey got publicly involved in Catholic Apologetics when an attempt was made by the Archdiocese of Boston to bring Apologetics to the parish level. I was invited by Mike Del Vecchio to be part of a Catholic Apologetics group with Bob Kirby and Rick Opera under the leadership of David Thorpe, the Director of Evangelization for the diocese at the time. Although the effort didn't come to fruition, I subsequently initiated a support group of lay Catholic Apologists in the Boston area loyal to the Holy See around 1995. {in line with canon law: 215, 216 and 225.)

I believe it was the first Catholic Apologetics support group in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and possibly New England. Previous to my involvement in Archdiocesan apologetics, I had been listening to Scott Hahn audio tapes as well as tapes by other practicing Catholic Apologists. I consider our little group the "Catholic Answers" of Massachusetts.

To this day, I'm very disappointed that very few priests seem interested in supporting Catholic Apologetics at the parish level in Massachusetts. I would encourage any bishop reading my profile to reflect on

  1. encouraging a knowledge of Catholic Apologetics in their seminaries and
  2. working with their priests to develop Catholic apologetic programs at the parish level.

I believe this along with greater awareness of the Early Church Fathers and parish Eucharistic Adoration can make many spiritually dead parishes, alive. Nevertheless, the Cardinal for my diocese, Cardinal Sean O'Malley, has been very supportive of our work in several replies to my correspondences. For this I am appreciative!

I am a cradle Catholic who grew up in Sudbury, Mass. My CCD, like many others, was very poor. Most, if not all, of my spiritual growth came from Benedictine oblates and monks at St. Benedict Abbey in Still River, Mass. I owe them a great deal of thanks for the faith I developed while knowing them. The brotherhood I established with them along with their love for the Church and the Eucharist had an important impact on my life. Being single has given me the extra time to keep up on issues in the Church while studying and re-affirming Catholic theology, doctrine and teaching. I have a special love for the Early Church Fathers and Doctors of the Church. I've lived in Natick, Massachusetts since 1990.

My educational background consists of a B.S. in Computer Science and Minor in Mathematics from Framingham State. I also have a Client/Server Development Certificate from Clark University.

Although I was in the Internet field for a year and a half: at Digital as a Web Page Developer, and at Compaq as a Webmaster, I've been unable to find full-time employment in my field for the past eight years. Since then I've been doing freelance web sites for small businesses and non-profits. Because I've determined that I can't make a living developing web sites, over the past few years I've been doing contract work.

Most of the work involves web site content management and e-mail marketing.


Eric Ewanco, Shrewsbury, Mass.

Eric Ewanco, Catholic Apologist
E-mail:{Eric's E-mail address}
{ web site }

Eric Ewanco has been studying Catholic theology and apologetics informally for over fifteen years. A cradle Catholic, he had no interest in religion until the death of his mother at age thirteen.

This prompted a search for God which culminated in a conversion experience at seventeen followed by a sojourn in the Evangelical world. He returned to the faith thanks to the witness of the Church Fathers, who revealed to him that yes, it's true, the early church was Catholic.

Armed with information from Catholic Answers and supported by patient friends, he studied himself back into the faith and embraced the fullness of orthodox Catholicism. His favorite saint and Father is Ignatius of Antioch.


Paul Murano, Nashua, New Hampshire

Paul Murano, Catholic Apologist
E-mail:{Paul's E-mail address}

A truth-seeker since childhood, Paul highly appreciates those who ask questions. 'Asking why' is what distinguishes us from the other animals and is a sign of intelligence, he tells his college students each semester. And what could be more important than questions about God, His Word, and His Will?

Paul teaches philosophy and theology at two colleges and adult education at his parish. He holds a doctorate degree in marital theology, a master's degree in philosophy from Boston College, and a master's degree in theology from Providence College.

As a Catholic layman faithful to the Magisterium, Paul not only teaches, but hosts a talk radio show, regional TV shows, writes a monthly column for a local newspaper on social and moral issues, and performs as a solo singer-musician at local lounges.


Robert Kirby, Stoughton, Mass.


Bob Kirby, Catholic Apologist
E-mail: {Bob's E-mail address}

Robert Kirby is a husband, father (of a teen daughter, Lord give us strength…), musician and apologist. Bob has been playing music professionally for over twenty years and has led liturgical and worship music since 1987. Since his first days of directing music for The Truth Will Set You Free ministry of Fr. Real Bourque, Bob has performed at two World Youth Day events (Rome and Toronto), recorded and produced dozens of albums of sacred music, ranging from traditional Gregorian chant to the contemporary Christian genre and served in youth ministry leadership. He is currently the full time music director for Holy Family Parish in Rockland, MA.

Bob has studied music at New England Conservatory and Berkley College of Music, where he received an award for outstanding jazz musical performance on saxophone. He also holds a Masters in theology from Boston College. His apologetics experience includes several years of producing and hosting a radio program called the Catholic Forum on WROL, Boston.

John DiMascio, Watertown, Mass.



John DiMascio, Catholic Apologist
E-mail: {John's E-mail address}
{ web site }

John DiMascio was brought up as a nominal Catholic. Like many other Catholics in the immediate post Vatican II era, his religious instruction was clouded by mixed signals and revolved for the most part around the external ritual as opposed to the spiritual reality of the sacraments.

During his troubled adolescence, John turned to drugs and eventually became both a addict and dealer.

In his late 20’s John was approached by an Evangelical friend who spoke to him about Christ and introduced him to the Scriptures. As a result John had a conversion experience and was immediately and miraculously delivered from a life of addiction when he accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Following his conversion, John began attending a Charismatic Baptist Church and then went on to bible school. He was licensed as minister shortly thereafter.

During his ministry, he began to work in the field of apologetics, focusing on outreaches to cults and aberrational groups. His study in this field caused him to dig further into the early Church. He soon began to question the pillars of Protestantism such as Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide. The more he studied scriptures and the Church Fathers, the more he became acutely aware that Jesus Christ only founded one Church and that was the Roman Catholic Church.

In 1996 he left the “ordained” ministry to return to the Church as lay Catholic Apologist.

Our AskACatholic Priest-helper  

Our Anonymous priest helper, Fr. Jonathan

Currently Vacant

We have been blessed to have the help and assistance of a priest-helper who is also a Canon Lawyer, Fr. Jonathan but Pope Francis has appointed him to a Bishop and we are not longer able to use his services.

Please keep His Eminence Bishop Jonathan and his episcopacy in your prayers.



Our AskACatholic Grammarian
Steve Simek, Gilbert, Arizona

Steve Simek, Grammarian and Proof Reader




Bio coming soon.

Retired AskACatholic Grammarians— Well done, good and faithful servants!
Kathleen Laplante, Grammarian and Proof Reader
Kathleen Laplante, Grammarian and Proof Reader

Kathleen Laplante was born in New Hampshire. She has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. Since eighth grade, she has had an interest in English grammar. She has been an author and an editor in several domains, e.g., high-tech research, college theses, newspaper and magazine articles, a novel, advertising copy, and two of her own blogs. She enjoys the challenging nature of ensuring proper grammar in everything she does. She also promotes it as the key to effective and successful communication, something that is badly needed in our society.

Kathleen is the mother of two boys who are grown and living on their own. In 1997, she had a religious reversion back to the Western Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church, the religion of her youth. In 2008, she started exploring the Byzantine Rite via the Eastern Melkite Greek Catholic Church, and she continues to do so. Both spheres of the Church hold a special place in her heart. She feels incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to participate in both, especially since her Catholic faith has deepened tremendously as a result of this integration between East and West.

Mary Ellen Jones, Grammarian
Maryellen Jones, Grammarian and proof reader
{Maryellen's E-mail address}

I am a lay Catholic Revert. Married 60 years: 6 children, 12 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren, living in Middle Tennessee not far from three children who look after us with loving care.

I have no special training in being a Grammarian here. My editorial skills are natural gifts, made stronger by my school-teacher-Mother, and my own love of the language.

I am happy to be able to volunteer my time and efforts here to this important work. It’s a privilege and a pleasure to be able to serve the Lord Jesus in any way, no matter how small.

John Shalack, Grammarian
John Shalack, Grammarian and proof reader
{John's E-mail address}

John Shalack graduated from St. Rita of Cascia High School in Chicago and majored in English grammar at the University of Illinois. After retiring from the USMC he went to work as the Computer Service Desk Manager at Darton College. He is also Past Grand Knight and current Financial Secretary of the local Knights of Columbus Council, as well as the Council newsletter’s editor.

Rob Coutinho,  Westboro, Mass.
Rob Coutinho, Grammarian and proof reader
{Rob's E-mail address}

Rob (Robert Patrick) was born in California but his family moved east before he was two years old.  He grew up in southeastern Massachusetts and was always a practicing Catholic.  He graduated with a B. S. in Chemistry and a minor in Physics from Framingham (MA) State College in 1985.  He was a lieutenant in the U.S. Army from 1985 to 1988 when he was (honorably) discharged due to knee problems.

In 1988 (with two of his four children already born) he moved to Pennsylvania and worked for McNeil Consumer Products (the makers of Tylenol).  After five years he moved back to Massachusetts and worked in a biotech company (Hybridon) on a potential cure for AIDS.  He started to become sick around this time but continued to work.  After working in biotech, he worked for a generic pharmaceutical company (Copley — now owned by Teva Pharmaceuticals) for a little over one year and then had to go on disability for CFIDS/FM (Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome/Fibromyalgia).

He still lives in Westboro, MA, where he, his wife, Mary-Jo, and his four children have lived since 1994.  He continues to hope for a cure or "at least a little more energy so I can try to keep up with my kids".  He garnered his editorial skills in high school, college and two of his three pharmaceutical jobs (professional courses taken for writing). He asks for your prayers for his illness and family.

Camera Shy :)

Other Grammarian and proof reader that have assisted us include some who were Camera shy:

  • Nettie Taylor
  • Jean Santoro
  • Karin Bennett SFO

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