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Catholic Churches on the 'Net'
The following is a list of Catholic churches that I have found on the "NET". If you know of any others, you're more than welcome to submit your URL/"Web address" for posting.
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In Massachusetts: (listed by town)

Can women be ...? Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston.

I'm confused about ...? Cathedral of the Holy Cross (The Cardinal's parish).

Has the Church ever ...? St. Cecilia’s Parish, Ashland, MA.

I'm being drawn to the Catholic faith but ...? St. Michael, Bedford, MA

Is this a 'T'radition, (with a capital T) of the Church? St. Mary of the Assumption, Brookline, MA

What does the Vatican do with ...? St. Mary's of the Assumption Parish, Dedham, MA

Is this religious organization a cult? Saint Susanna Parish, Dedham, MA

I'm thinking about getting involved in this, Is it demonic or new age? Saint Margaret Roman Catholic Church, Lowell, MA

Are these books OK to read? St. Bridget, Framingham, MA

Is this a valid marriage? St. Patrick, Natick, MA

If Catholics believe in Purgatory why ...? St. Timothy, Norwood, MA

What is the difference between ...? Saint Catherine of Genoa, Somerville, MA

If Hell exist why ...? Good Shepherd Parish (formerly St. Annes and St. Zepherins), Wayland, MA

Is this a 't'radition (with a small t) or practice of the Church? Holy Rosary, Winthrop, MA

How do I ...? St. Barbara, Woburn, MA

Outside Massachusetts:

Can I receive Holy Communion if ...? St. Elizabeth Of Hungary - Eureka Springs, Arkansas

hy do you call priests ...? St. Michael Parish - Poway, California

Is this priest loyal to the Holy See? St. Mary Magdalene Church, San Diego, CA

Why don't Catholics ...? St. Barbara's - Santa Barbara, California

If Romans 3 says this, why do Catholic Christians ...? Saint Monica's parish - Santa Monica, California

I'm being drawn to the Catholic faith but ...? The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny (Tridentine Mass)

Since St. Peter was ...? Ss. Peter and Paul the Apostles Church - Bradenton, Florida.

s this organization OK for a Catholic to attend? Good Shepherd Catholic Church and School - Miami, Florida.

Can you please clarify ...? St. Thomas More - Sarasota, Florida.

Who are the Early Church Fathers? St. Timothy, Lutz, Florida

Why do Catholics .....? St. Luke - Louisville, Kentucky.

Is this OK at Sunday Mass? St. Michael the Archangel / St. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Churches, Baltimore, MD.

Does the Pope ...? St. Robert Bellarmine - Freehold, New Jersey.

If the Church says we are justified then, how ...? Church of the Holy Family - Sewell, New Jersey.

Do unbaptized babies ...? Church of Our Lady of Pompeii, Vineland, New Jersey.

Should the priest be ...? St. Michael Russian Catholic Church, New York, New York. (Byzantine Rite)

What is the bishops role in ...? St. George's Catholic Church - Post Falls, Idaho

I'm being drawn to the Catholic faith but ...? Sacred Heart of Jesus - St. Joseph's Parish - Weston, Pa.

Can a deacon ...? Catholic Diocese of Charleston, SC.

Where in Scripture does it say ...? Holy Cross Catholic Church - Pickens, SC.

What do Catholic believe about ...? Holy Cross Catholic Church - Lynchburg, Virginia.

How can one merit ...? Saint Henry Catholic Church - Bridge City, Texas

What is the meaning and purpose of ...? St. Patrick Church - Pasco, Washington State.

I am divorced and remarried but wish to be reconciled... How do I ...? St. Patrick's Church - Tacoma, Washington State.

Virtual Rosary on Google Play

International Catholic Churches:

In Canada:

When you die ...? Catholic Canada Directory

Is there a real ...? St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral, Canada

How do I get my marriage reconciled with ...? St .Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church, Montreal, Canada

Can women be ...? Parrocchia S. Lorenzo M. e S. Maria Assunta, Italy

In Russia:

Has the Church ever ...? Most Holy Mother of God Catholic Church - Vladivostok, Russia

I'm being drawn to the Catholic faith but ...? Church of the Nativity of Jesus - Magadan, Russia

Other Catholic Churches Overseas:

Is this a 'T'radition, (with a capital T) of the Church?  Dioceses and Catholic Churches Anywhere

Is this a 'T'radition, (with a capital T) of the Church?  Dioceses and Catholic Churches in Australia

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