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When was your "church" found?
  • Do you have any idea when your religion was founded, by whom, and how many members it has?

We found the following interesting.

  1. What is the History of Your Church? from Scripture Catholic.
  2. Catholic to the Max Men's T-Shirts on Amazon.
  3. Catholic to the Max Men's T-Shirts: Who Started Your Church?

The Jewish religion, or Judaism was founded when Abraham listened to God about 4,000 years ago. The modern Jewish faith has many factions. Such as, Hasidic, Orthodox, Modern Orthodox, Reformed Judaism, and Conservative Judaism. (13 Million)

Catholicism is the fullness of the Jewish faith seeing that Jesus was a Jew. See what Hebrew Catholics are saying on this topic.

If you are a Hindu, your religion developed in India around 1500 B.C. Hinduism has so many different sects it is not worth listing them. (751 Million)

Buddhism split from Hinduism, and was founded by Buddha, Prince Siddhartha Gautama of India about 500 B.C. Buddhism is also plagued with division. Examples: Theravada, Mahayana, Mantrayana, and Zen. (334 Million)

Jesus Christ (Our Incarnated God-Man) founded His Only Church,
the Roman Catholic Church on St. Peter and his successors in 33 A.D.

After Jesus' Glorious Ascension into Heaven:

Islam was started by Mohammed around 600 A.D. in what is now Saudi Arabia. Islam is divided into many different sects such as, the Sunni, Shiah, Wahhabis, and Ismaili Khoja. (1 Billion)

The Eastern Orthodox religion separated from Roman Catholicism in the year 1054.

If you are a Protestant your church was started by a human being, most likely after the Reformation. The belief of private interpretation of the Bible has been the hallmark and down fall of Protestantism. This is quite evident in the squabbling over the true meaning of the Bible which has created over 30,000 different Protestant denominations. (382 Million)

Examples of Protestant Churches and their human founders:
Your religion was originated by Martin Luther in 1521.

Your religion was originated by Menno Simons in 1525.

Your religion was originated by King Henry VIII in 1533.

As the Reformation spread through Europe, a new reform movement began in France, Calvinism, adopting a position mid-way between the Lutherans and Zwingli. Calvin promulgated this in the French-speaking areas of Switzerland, especially Geneva, where he worked from 1541 until 1564.

Your religion was originated by John Calvin (the same) in 1550.

Your religion was originated by Robert Brown in Holland in 1582.

Your religion was originated by John Smyth in 1609.

Dutch Reformed church
Your religion was originated by Michaelis Jones in New York in 1628.

Your religion was originated by John and Charles Wesley in 1729.

Your religion was originated by Theophilus Lindley in London in 1774.

Your religion was originated by Samuel Seabury in the American colonies in 1789.

Church of Christ
Your religion was originated by Thomas Campbell in 1807.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
better known as the Mormons
Your religion was originated by Joseph Smith in 1830.

Knowledgeable, practicing Mormons will affirm that their baptism does not conform to the Apostolic Christian form of Trinitarian baptism which can be traced back to Jesus, through St. Cyprian of Carthage. (A.D. 200-258)

Proper Christian Baptism is essential to being part of the Body of Christ. For this reason, although not part of the Body of Christ, there are many, many Mormons who demonstrate fine Christian behavior and values in the public square with the nature law that has been written on their heart and soul, and to the extent they do, we welcome and encourage their behavior.

Mormon teaching, though, is another matter. Knowledgeable, practicing Mormons believe in many gods. They also believe that god was once a mortal man and that a faithful Mormon can become his own god after his death. They believe, among other things, that Jesus and Lucifer were soul brothers. They believe the Father is separately God not just a Person in the Trinity. This Father God lives on a planet near the star Kolob.

Despite the big chasm between our theological beliefs, it's our hope that Catholics can work with Mormons on the teachings and beliefs we do agree on so that as Jesus said,

"That they may all be one." (John 17:20-21)

Here are some Wikipedia articles on the issue:

Seventh Day Adventists
Your religion was originated by Ellen Gould White in 1860.

The Salvation Army
Your religion was originated by William Booth in 1865.

Jehovah' s Witness
If you are a Jehovah' s Witness your religion was originated by Charles Taze Russell in 1872. Jehovah's Witness are not Christians. They believe Jesus is really Michael the archangel not the Son of God.

What Jehovah Witnesses Believe

Christian Scientist
Your religion was originated by Mary Baker Eddy in 1879.

Your religion was originated by Charles Fox in 1901.

Your religion was originated by the Milton brothers and Lyman Steward in 1915.

If you are a Catholic Christian, you are truly blessed because you either:

  • were born into the Faith and hopefully appreciate the faith you were born into, despite some big sinning in our Church, or
  • followed the call of the Holy Spirit and become a Catholic Christian.

For the sincere non-Catholic Christian seeker, history is the death blow to Protestantism and, for that matter, other non-Christian faiths . . . unless your founder can bring himself back from the dead!

Again, Jesus Christ (Our Incarnated God-Man) founded His Only Church, the Roman Catholic Church on St. Peter and his successors in 33 A.D.

To this date the Church has about 1 Billion, 125 million members worldwide and is the fastest growing Church on the face of the Earth. Make an appointment with a pastor or priest at your local Catholic parish and . . .

Join us today! Why?

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