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Who is really Pro-Choice?
[ On the Death of my Father ]

Dom Marmion I thought this could be a section in which I could share a meditation, throw out a thought or offer a commentary. I submit all my thoughts to the bishops in union with the Holy Father for correction:

What is the meaning of...? For the religious freak in the family.

What is the bishops role in ...? On the Death of my Father

Why do Catholics ..? The Dialogue: Who is really Pro-Choice?

Should the priest be ...? The Da Vinci Code and Opus Dei

I'm being drawn to the Catholic faith but ...? Putting things in perspective: The Annunciation and Birth of Our Lord.

How do I get my marriage ...? A big problem in Catholic Apologetics: Sincere hearts but terrible results.

On the Crisis in the Church:

What is Canon Law? A Commentary by Michael Humphrey, Webmaster.

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