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Hot Issues in the Church

Hot Issues in the Catholic Church and how to respond to them.

Why can't priests ...? Can women become priests?

How do I ...? How do I reply to my homosexual friend's biblical foundation for their way of life?

Can I receive Holy Communion if ...? What does the early Church teach about homosexuality?

Is this priest loyal to the Holy See? What's Wrong with Contraception, Anyway? [A debate]

Is this priest loyal to the Holy See? Contraception and Sterilization

Why don't Catholics ...? Why do priest have to be celibate?

If Romans 3 says this, why do Catholic Christians ...? Why is the Catholic Church so hung up about annulments?

I'm being drawn to the Catholic faith but ...? If Mary was totally sinless and pure, why did God need to send his Son to be a sacrifice?

Since St. Peter was ...? Why don't we see more Marian devotion in Paul's epistles

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The Early Church Fathers Church Fathers on the Primacy of Peter. The Early Church Fathers on the Catholic Church and the term Catholic. The Early Church Fathers on the importance of the Roman Catholic Church centered in Rome.