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The Basics for the non-Christian web page.
Christian Basics 1 | Christian Basics 2

The Christian Basics home page

The purpose of this portion of our web site is assist non-Christians who are seeking to better understand the Christian faith and more specifically, Catholic Christianity.  Although the main audience for these pages are:

  • Atheists and Agnostics
  • our Jewish brethren/(Judaism)
  • Muslims/(Islam)
  • Buddhists/(Buddhism) and
  • Hindu's/(Hinduism)

    as well as those who practice:

  • Confucianism
  • Baha'i Faith
  • Jainism
  • Shinto
  • Sikhism and
  • Taoism

There can be many questions about Christianity and the difference between Catholic Christianity and Far East religions. I have had Muslims and other non-Catholic Christians ask for material from overseas but because I am almost broke myself cannot afford to send anyone anything, the best I can do is refer non-Christians to the appropriate on-line resources.

Besides being a learning resource for non-Christians, the average Catholic and non-Catholic Christian, who belongs to a mainstream denomination, will find the content of these pages a refresher course on the basics, all Christians should know and accept as believers in Jesus Christ — the One and Only True God and True Man.

You can read about some major Christian basics here:

  1. The Life of the Soul . . . 'The Grace of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.'
  2. Faith and Common Sense
  3. The Story of our Salvation — Salvation History

You can read about the history of the Catholic Church here:

  1. Our Catholic Faith - History of the Catholic Church
  2. WikiArticle: The Catholic Church
  3. WikiArticle: Timeline of the Catholic Church
  4. From - When was your "church" founded?

You can read about what we believe here:

  1. Catechism of the Catholic Church

You can read sources on the Holy Christian Scriptures here:

  1. Books of the Bible
  2. My Scripture Passages page

You can read about the first Christians here:

  2. The Fathers of the Church on the New Advent web site

If someone overseas have found the resources on this web site helpful and wish to financially support this ministry they can donate on-line here:

or send financial support in US dollars payable to Mike Humphrey to:

Mike Humphrey Financial Support
132 Cedar Terrace
Apt B.
Natick, Massachusetts 01760

IMPORTANT: Make any check payable to: Mike Humphrey

I would like to give thanks and credit to the following companies for their materials and strongly recommend you order similar material from them here:

Catholic Viewpoint Publications
1205 Whitlock Avenue
Bronx, New York 10459
Phone: (212) 589-3660

Supplemental material on these pages come from the Oral Tradition of the Church that has been passed to through the centuries.

Mike Humphrey Web Administrator

Please report any and all typos or grammatical errors.
Suggestions for this web page and the web site can be sent to Mike Humphrey
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