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Mike's Theology Corner: Romney's Faith in America Speech.
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Who is really Pro-Choice?
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Romney's Faith in America Speech - a personal commentary on the speech and the 2008 election.

Based on the personal faith journey and experiences I have had, I wanted to share some reflections on being an effective witness for the Lord Jesus as a simple lay Catholic; in your parish as a parishioner of your local Church; in the workplace, as well as within your domestic church, your immediate family at home.

If you ask my immediate family members about my personality and character now, as from 10 - 15 years ago, they would probably say it has changed; in some instants, changed a lot. Back then I would be, and probably still am today, considered the "religious freak" in the family. I take that as a compliment.

I know of a lot of "good-hearted" "religious freaks" who truely mean well, but because of their approach, they turn OFF many family members and friends. To those reading this commentary, WHO ARE NOT "religious freaks", I want you to just re-consider: weather you are having a tough time with a religious friend or family member:

He has a good heart and good intentions. It would be unjust on YOUR part NOT to recogize this.

Ten to fifteen years ago, I would be the one probably be the one, saying, "You can't say that about Our Blessed Mother!!!" or "You can't say that about our Holy Father!!!"

I would be the one probably demanding that my family members go to Church on Sunday and if possible to daily Mass, demanding that they say the Rosary on a daily basis and demanding they go to confession on a regular basis. I still encourage all this even today.

The difference: Taking the proper approach with a different attitude.

A lot of these reflections have come from three main sources:

  1. Some wise advise from Steve Wood who runs a fine web site at,
  2. St. Francis of Assisi and
  3. Reflections the Lord has place on my heart during my weekly Adoration Hour.

I was watching Steve's show once on EWTN, and he was talking about transmitting religious values.

He was explaining that many "good-hearted" Catholics too many times make the mistake of trying to transmit religious values before establishing a relationship. Weather it be establishing a relationship among your family members or co-workers, if you don't establish that relationship first, no one will listen to you and the tough part guys is that:

Establishing a relationship takes time!!

Establishing a relationship means getting involved in what your friend and family are involved in, even if at times it means doing some 'naughty" stuff and going over the line at times. The goal is establishing a relationship.

But there is still another adjustment that has to be made. Where: IN YOU! I know you want the best for your family. I want the best for your family.

The question: How do you achieve it!

The answer: By respecting THEIR free will.

What do I mean?








My examples: goofy and holy.

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