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Sharon H. wrote:

Hi, guys —

I dreamed of speaking to Jesus about three months after a friend of mine named Bruce was murdered. I was crying for Him. There were three figures before me. He came to me in a pure manner; lightly-dressed in a long robe and touched my left arm. I questioned Him about Bruce and asked him:

  • Where is Bruce?

He said, he is not ready to come up yet.

A few months ago, again, in dream, I saw the Virgin Mother. She appeared before me and I fell to my knees and prayed the Hail Mary. She never spoke a word. I remember her powerful presence when I awoke. I have had dreams where I cross over to other side and speak to my dead loved ones. Some places are good, others are not.

  • What do you think?

Please don't tell me, it's just a dream. I know it was more. I remember all and feel all.

Please respond.

Thank you,


  { What do you think of the dreams I have been having that include encounters with Jesus and Mary? }

Paul replied:

Dear Sharon,

I don't know what to think about this. I won't say it's only a dream. There are places in Scripture where God speaks to people in dreams. We don't even know exactly what dreaming is or why we do it. So I'll pass on this, for although I have appreciation for the mystery, I have no great wisdom to impart on this subject. Maybe some of my colleagues do.


Mike replied:

Hi, Sharon —

Thanks for the question.

Although I have heard of some who have had similar private revelations or near-death experiences, I would tend to agree with my colleague Paul.

While one could be tempted to read certain issues, places, or teachings into your experiences, it would not be prudent to do soon. As Paul said: There are places in Scripture where God speaks to people in dreams.

I wouldn't doubt you had these experiences. We should remember though, that these experiences, if they were truly real, just didn't happen for the sake of happening. Whenever anything occurs in our life, for the good or bad, it is always to bring a greater good out of our life.

None of us are trained in spiritual counseling. I would recommend you find a priest who is also a spiritual director who can spiritually help and guide you. And remember, the ultimate goal is not in this life but the next, so persevere in:

  • praying daily, either the Scriptures (and/or) the Rosary,
  • living the sacramental life, and
  • discerning your calling in this life.

I hope this helps,


Sharon replied:


Thank you for the reply and for letting me share my life's happenings with you.

Please tell me where in Bible to look at these Scriptures you speak of.

Thank you and God Bless,


Mike replied:

Hi, Sharon —

The following books and chapters of the Bible all have some reference to dreaming in them:

Old Testament:

New Testament

Hope this helps,


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