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Posting date Questions
April 2024 Can a priest refuse Communion and tell you to go to a deacon or minister?
April 2024 Are there any rules about what a priest can do or whether the sacrament of the wine may be distributed?
April 2024 Can you explain why this new, formerly married Episcopal pastor, distributes Communion this way?
April 2024 Is there any reason why, when the priest placed the whole host in my hand, it broke in two?
April 2024 Can my child (baptized in the Church of England), receive her First Communion in the Church?
April 2024 Can a Christian who left the faith and performed a Black Mass, return to the faith and find forgiveness?
January 2024 How should I discern the gravity of these sins and therefore whether I should go to Holy Communion or not?
January 2024 Would it be OK if I attended my Sunday Mass on a weekday once a week instead of on weekends?
August 2023 Why does our Creed say, "On the third day, He rose again according to the Scriptures", but we celebrate Easter on the second day?
August 2023 What are the consequences, from the Church's view, if I become Catholic and later on receive Communion at an (AME) church?
August 2023 Seeing that the priest made this mistake during the Institution narrative of the Mass, was this Mass still valid?
August 2023 Would it be OK to ask my priest for a dispensation from Mass for my anxiety-ridden daughter, so she could go to Disneyland?
August 2023 If I priest says, "Your sins are forgiven." at a Healing/Anointing Mass, does this mean all of my past sins were forgiven?
August 2023 Since our child never completed the sacraments, how do we handle this conundrum which happened at a Funeral Mass?
August 2023 Should the Crucifixion not be called the Bloody Sacrifice of the Mass?
August 2023 Can a non-Catholic have a burial Mass and can a non-Catholic be buried in a Catholic cemetery with a Catholic spouse?
April 2023 Am I fulfilling my Sunday Mass obligation by watching Mass on T.V. or should I go to a local or neighboring parish for Mass?
April 2023 Can you explain why our new priest (a married former Episcopal pastor) does this when distributing Holy Communion at Mass?
April 2023 What is the difference between Eucharistic Adoration and Eucharistic Benediction and when is the Liturgy of the Eucharist prayed?
April 2023 Does the priest of a parish require special permission to use kneelers at Communion during Mass?
April 2023 How culpable am I in allowing my Lutheran wife to go up to receive Communion against my wishes?
April 2023 Can I receive Holy Communion if my first husband died and my second husband and I divorced?
January 2023 Can we offer a Mass for the repose of a soul on a Sunday or on a Solemnity?
January 2023 Due to the changes in the number of Masses and their times, am I out of line writing a letter to the bishop?
January 2023 What is a Tabernacle?
January 2023 During Mass, I was asked to bring the Communion Gifts to the altar but made this mistake; was it a big offense?
January 2023 Was Christ's Blood shed for only a few or for all?; Was it shed for only those "predestined before the foundation of the world"?
January 2023 Can a Pope teach or be in a heretical state?
January 2023

Will Jesus forgive me if I don't repeat these sins of the flesh again and will I be able to receive Holy Bread next Sunday?

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