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AskACatholic Disclaimer
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What we have done:

We have taken the questions that you have sent to us from the site and complied a list of Catholic answers, we believe is in line with the Magisterium of the Church. This does not mean that all our answers are perfect. As true practicing Catholic apologists, we submit ALL our answers to the Magisterium of the Church and to other practicing Catholic apologists for correction if needed. You really can't call it a FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions, because some of these questions aren't so frequently asked.

The purpose of the AskACatholic Knowledge base is to provide a means by which you can FIRST check to see if your question has been asked and answered, before sending us a question.

Of course, we don't mind questions but this is a means to save both of us some time. As always if we can't answer the question, we will try to do some research. At times some of us may be busy with other things. Nevertheless, we will try to reply within a reasonable period of time.

How we hope to preserve orthodox Catholic answers:

I believe there will be few problems in this area. If you see an answer that you are concerned about, e-mail the apologist first. I believe is the correct step to take. If the apologist is NOT a "regular" as defined below, send a CC: of your concern to me. I see the "regulars" on a frequent basis. They will notify me for any necessary corrections.

I would like to thanks all the apologist "regulars" on this web site. Our regulars include:

  • John C. DiMascio
  • e-mail
  • Eric J. Ewanco
  • e-mail
  • Bob Kirby
  • e-mail
  • Mary Ann Parks
  • e-mail
  • Paul Murano
  • e-mail
  • Richard Chonak
  • e-mail

    If you have a second, thank them for their time by using the e-mail link to the right of their name.

    An important part of this internet apostolate comes from hidden people behind the scenes who have taken time out of their busy schedule to assist us in proof reading the questions and answers. Creating groups of 50 to 100 web pages of new questions and answers can be a long, drawn out process. Our voluntary grammarians ensure that there are no typos or spelling errors and ensure that most of the questions and answers read easily. Please send them an e-mail of thanks if you have time.

  • Robert Coutinho
  • e-mail
  • Nettie Taylor
  • e-mail
  • Mary Ann Parks
  • e-mail
  • Frank Herman
  • e-mail
  • Karin Bennett SFO
  • e-mail
  • Vic Halpin
  • e-mail

    Over the past 10 years we also had a list of local helpers and "list of outsiders" who have assisted us in answering questions that either:

    • we cannot answer OR
    • we cannot answer completely

    The time they have taken from their busy schedules to periodically help us is greatly appreciated. They include:

  • Mark Brumley
  • e-mail
  • Bob Centamore
  • e-mail
  • Ed Furton
  • e-mail
  • John F. Griffin
  • e-mail
  • Steve Kellmeyer
  • e-mail
  • Joseph Kent
  • e-mail
  • William M. Klimon
  • e-mail
  • Roger
  • e-mail
  • Patrick Madrid
  • e-mail
  • Alexander R. Pruss
  • e-mail
  • Steve Ray
  • e-mail
  • Robert Sungenis
  • e-mail
  • Perry Turchi
  • e-mail

    If you have any suggestions for improvement, don't hesitate to recommend something. I would also be interested in any "really bad" typos or grammar errors that I have made. I partake by grace in the Divine Nature of Christ, but am not perfect, yet :))) I am currently unemployed so I hope to complete some web site updates I have put off for a while. If you want to help personally, view my resume. I live in Natick and am looking for a permanent position in the Metro West area within a 30 minute commute. web site Webmaster,

    Mike Humphrey

    Please report any and all typos or grammatical errors.
    Suggestions for this web page and the web site can be sent to Mike Humphrey
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