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April 2023 Did Jesus Christ have a Body before the Incarnation and why would He save us if He was a Spirit before the Incarnation?
April 2023 Is Jesus considered a prophet or the equivalent of God for Roman Catholics?
April 2023 What is grave matter, and how would you know if a sin is grave matter or not?
April 2023 If God knew souls would go to Hell, why would he create them; wouldn't it be better if no souls existed since few go to Heaven?
January 2023 How can we continue to lament as poor, banished children of Eve, when we have been saved by Christ?
January 2023 How do Protestant and Catholic exorcists differ; why does God grant miracles to Protestants, and has Mary appeared to them?
January 2023 How do you know without a doubt, that Catholics are right, and Protestants are misinformed?
January 2023 What does the Church say about Catholics believing in ghosts; yes, those who visit someone or something?
January 2023 What do halos signify and can you answer some questions on the nature of angels?
January 2023 Does God love everyone equally?
January 2023 Is it sinful to enjoy the killing of others that we are permitted to kill and can you do martial arts and use anger for enjoyment?
January 2023 Can God save someone convicted of treason by the government and can they be forgiven and go to Heaven?
January 2023 Who exactly are my real brothers and sisters in Christ?; Are Protestants, non-believers, or people of other religions?
January 2023 How are sins forgiven besides reconciliation and prayer and what else can we do to have sins forgiven?
August 2022 Is there any Church teaching on hair or braiding; can you clarify 1 Corinthians 11:16, and is cutting your hair a sin?
August 2022 How will you know a deceased loved one's in Heaven?; and do you have to deal with guilt before death?
April 2022 When created, how can holy angels, who didn't know evil, sin against God and create evil?
April 2022 Has the Church ever infallibly stated that the "fire" of Hell is literal and what do the Fathers say?
April 2022 When I was an atheist, did I commit the sin of scandal and does this sin always require reparation?
April 2022 What sources are there to support the issue of whether the Apostles were, or were not, married?
April 2022 Am I obligated to keep my vows on vacation and how should a Christian behave in a sinful world?
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