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April 2024 How can I prove God's existence is verified in these philosophies and where is my Trinitarian flaw?
April 2024 Why does God make those who live in this world suffer, then have them live forever after we die?
April 2024 How are these two apparently divergent Catholic views on the Trinity reconciled?
April 2024 Can you answer a few questions for St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica online?
April 2024 How can we have the Son without the Mother and is the Trinity really a good image of Marriage?
January 2024 Can you help clarify the footnote to paragraph 1866 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, in these areas?
January 2024 When we get to Heaven, will the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit be One or will they be separate forms?
January 2024 Can we share a part of the Second Person of the Trinity, becoming the Lover's Beloved and can we be sharers in God's divinity?
January 2024 Did God the Father feel any emotional pain during the Crucifixion; if not, does that prove how uncaring He is when we suffer?
January 2024 Can you help me with this Atheist argument I have heard and give me a good reply?
January 2024 Was my reaction to a friend saying something blasphemous about God a mortal sin and how do I repent having this group?
January 2024 Is the newer, modern Catechism of the Catholic Church infallible and is the Catechism of Trent better?
August 2023 If I have a watch on Earth and a watch in Heaven, which time will be right and will it be according to the Bible?
August 2023 Can you explain and clarify these God, Church, Mary, and priest issues that are confusing me?
August 2023 Would it be a mortal sin if I was at a hotel with my brother, we got room service, and he took one of the bottle openers?
August 2023 What does the Catholic Church state happens to babies that have been aborted?; do they go to Heaven?
August 2023 A simple question, no one knows the answer to: How did Jesus know who was going to betray Him?
August 2023 Is being a "perfectionist" or a collector a sin or is wanting a better-quality version (or having muliple copies) of something a sin?
August 2023 How can any Catholic or other Christian accept the torturous Suffering and Death of Jesus on the Cross, without hating God?
August 2023 If I accepted an invitation to a neighbor's gathering but decided not to attend and lied to him about why, was this a mortal sin?
April 2023 Did Jesus Christ have a Body before the Incarnation and why would He save us if He was a Spirit before the Incarnation?
April 2023 Is Jesus considered a prophet or the equivalent of God for Roman Catholics?
April 2023 What is grave matter, and how would you know if a sin is grave matter or not?
April 2023 If God knew souls would go to Hell, why would he create them; wouldn't it be better if no souls existed since few go to Heaven?
January 2023 How can we continue to lament as poor, banished children of Eve, when we have been saved by Christ?
January 2023 How do Protestant and Catholic exorcists differ; why does God grant miracles to Protestants, and has Mary appeared to them?
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