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April 2023 With this school debt and inability to start a family, why should I continue being Catholic and what options do I really have?
January 2023 Seeing I have to interview a Catholic, can you answer a few questions for my World Religion assignment?
January 2023 How do we know if we are being attacked from the evil of depression, anger, and lies?
January 2023 How do I get rid of bad luck in my life; meaning, how do I stop bad things from happening and how do I start the New Year right?
January 2023

Will Jesus forgive me if I don't repeat these sins of the flesh again and will I be able to receive Holy Bread next Sunday?

January 2023 If I had a loved one with a dire medical issue and didn't trust God before finding that medical intervention had a 99.9% cure rate, would it be a sin?
August 2022 Do you have a priest who I can interview and ask a few questions; I am currently in college?
August 2022 How can I be more trusting and put these thoughts of Hell and punishment out of my head?
August 2022 What do I do when I feel unworthy and ashamed to pray due to porn addiction and I don't have access to Confession?
August 2022 How do I handle a situation, dealing with a contaminated priest engaging in sexual misconduct?
August 2022 Seeing I'm doing the best I can, what advice do you have for someone struggling with the sin of masturbation?
April 2022 Why is solitude important in prayer; is it needed; and if so, how do couples stay in solitude?
January 2022 How do you respond when others feel you have possessions you don't deserve and envy you?
January 2022 Why did God make me weak and how do I handle my envy of those having sex w/no consequences?
January 2022 Is there anything else I can do, apart from praying, that will help me cease masturbating?
January 2022 Can you pray for me and give me advice on handling the blasphemous thoughts I'm receiving?
Janua ry 2022 Can you answer these questions that may appear to be homework questions?
January 2022 Is it a sin if I am having sexual dreams and my body is responding to it?
January 2022 What should I do if, as a younger woman, I had sins regarding purity that were never confessed?
January 2022 Would it be a mortal or venial sin if I viewed this impure image more than once by accident?
January 2022 How can I overcome my lack of sincerity, seeing the more I try, the more I seem to doubt myself?
January 2022 Can you assist me in a Philosophy–Religions course; I need to interview someone of another faith?
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