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Deacon Gary Kappler wrote:

Hi, guys —

Where is the appropriate place of presiding for a lay leader at Communion services?

  • the president's chair
  • the deacon's chair, or
  • front pew?

  • Are these rubrics written in a document?

Thank you,

Deacon Gary

  { Where is the appropriate place of presiding for a lay leader at a Communion service? }

Mike replied:

Hi Deacon Gary,

Your question is out of our realm of knowledge. The closest document that deals with questions like your is:

Redemptionis Sacramentum — Section VII
On certain matters to be observed or to be avoided regarding the Most Holy Eucharist

After reading section VII, I would recommend you get some guidance from either your local priest or bishop. By the tone of the section, you can tell this is a sensitive area where things have to be done properly as to avoid scandal.

Maybe Fr. Jonathan has an opinion.


Fr. Jonathan replied:

Hi Deacon Gary,

I think this document might also help (for example at one point it talks about facing the altar with the people.

Fr. Jonathan

Deacon Gary replied:

You guys (and gals) are great!

This really is what I was looking for. I usually can find what I need and don't request help
unless I have run out of options.

Thanks again.

Deacon Gary

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