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A.D. wrote:

Hi, guys —

The Oxford World Christian Encyclopedia, which Catholics use to claim there are thousands of Protestant denominations also says this about Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic denominations. There are:

781 "Orthodox" denominations (i.e., Eastern Orthodoxy), predicting 887 by the year 2025.
242 "Roman Catholic" denominations for 2000, predicting 245 by the year 2025.

A Protestant sent me this.

  • Is it true that there are that many Catholic denominations?


  { Is it true that there are that many Catholic denominations? }

Mike replied:

Hi, A.D. —

I can only speak for Christ's Church, the Catholic Church.

Before ascending into Heaven, Jesus only founded one Church and said to St. Peter
that the gates of Hell would not prevail against His Church with Peter and his successors
overseeing it.

If what you said is true, the Oxford World Christian Encyclopedia is wrong or you are misreading something.

There was one Church back in 33 A.D.; and there is one Church today.

The only thing 242 or 245 could possibly represent are religious orders within the one Church.
These are different ways of living out the Catholic Christian life in accord with today's one Catholic Church.

They are not denominations as the Catholic Church has no denominations.
We are the one Church that Jesus founded on St. Peter and His successors.

Hope this helps,


Eric replied:

A.D. —

There are many rites within the Catholic Church (ways of worshiping), and many churches sui iuris (according to the law) — such as:

  • the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church
  • the Melkite Greek-Catholic Church
  • the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church
  • the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church
  • the Chaldean Catholic Church
  • the Coptic Catholic Church, and
  • the Armenian Catholic Church

but we are all united under one head and believe in one common faith, and we, by no means, call our different rites or churches (sui iuris) "denominations".

We don't even call ourselves a denomination.


A.D. replied:

Thank you!

It helped a lot!


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