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Hank wrote:

Hi, guys —

Laudatur Iesus Christus!

I have three questions which I want the official Church view on:

  1. The Church has a special way of being governed, i.e. it's not really a democracy with all the hierarchy. I really like this and that's one reason why I'm thinking of joining the Church.

    • Does the Church think something similar to how the Church is governed would be good for secular politics as well?
    • I mean, should one have a similar system but for secular politics?

  2. When a pope dies there will be a lot of prayers for the repose of his soul and lots of Mass celebrated for him. When a normal lay Catholic parishioner dies, there will be prayer but not as much as for the Pope.

    • Why does the Pope need all those liturgies and Requiem Masses when the normal parishioner does not?, and

  3. as a third and final question, my English teacher many years ago said Priest, should be written with a uppercase P.

    • Should one write pope with an uppercase or lowercase P?

May God bless you!


  { Seeing I'm thinking about joining the Church, do you know the Church view on these questions? }

Paul replied:

Dear Hank,

  1. The Church's form of governance would not necessarily work for certain secular governments since Christ, who is God, did not establish the form of secular governments. He did establish the governance of His Church, which of course is a Kingdom with Christ as King.

    As long as people recognize Christ as King, and human rights are respected, it really doesn't matter what form of governance secular states adopt. The Kingdom of God is what's important, for this life and throughout eternity.

  2. Wakes and Funerals are the normal way to celebrate a person's life and intercede for their soul before God. That includes everyone, pope as well as the laity (Catholic parishioners). More prayers might be prayed for a pope since in his fatherly role of the universal Church more people may have known and loved him. However, it doesn't mean the pope was more holy or loved by God any more than any particular lay person.

  3. When writing about a pope or a priest, (i.e. this pope or that priest), I use the lowercase p.

    When I use it as their title (Fr. Smith or Pope Francis), the upper case P is appropriate.



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