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Robert Panson wrote:

Hi, guys —

Sadly, I wonder about the soul of a Catholic Priest who knowingly gives Holy Communion to
Joe Biden.

For me personally, there is a disappointment with our Church at a time when my son is divorced and is getting married for a second time. His first marriage broke when his wife went off with another man. She will not concede an annulment.

In this case, the Catholic Church will lose:

  • my son
  • my new daughter-in-law-to-be, who is also Catholic, and
  • any children, while they let Joe Biden play the game.

Sad times we live in gang, very sad times.

Thank You,

Robert P.

  { Why does the Church let those, like Joe Biden, receive Holy Communion and what will they do? }

Bob replied:

Dear Robert,

I'm sorry I must have missed the question. I am not sure what your exact question was, but I'll take a guess.

  • Why does the Church permit someone like Joe Biden to receive Holy Communion?
  • Will they do anything about it?

I'm afraid, the answer will be unsatisfactory. Not all Bishops are on the same page about this. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has already set guidelines for this in a (2004) letter to the US Bishops from then Cardinal Ratzinger (later Pope [Emeritus] Benedict XVI). That letter was buried by the notorious Theodore Mccarrick.

While the USCCB is supposedly drafting a statement of policy regarding this matter, don't expect much. Even if they wrote a really good work, it wouldn't make much of a difference, because it is up to individual Bishops to do the right thing in their dioceses, and Biden will only go to places he knows he will be able to receive Communion, (through advanced planning), so that he will not be embarrassed.

Biden is a politician and he knows how to play the game; and as long as the Bishops are divided, he will play that to his advantage.

Pray for the Bishops, because sadly, many are in grave danger for their souls. The faithful have been scandalized by their [bishops] politicizing everything and weak adherence to matters of the utmost importance in faith.

Those failures will not go unnoticed by our Lord, and the judgment He metes out will be harsh.


Bob Kirby

Robert replied:

Thank you all.

We are on the same page.

Sadly, I wonder about the soul of the Catholic Priest who knowingly gives Holy Communion to Joe Biden.

Thank you again.


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