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Posting date Questions
April 2024 If I have a charitable foundation I want a priest to run, can I hire him, and can he accept a salary?
April 2024 Can you help me write a letter to the bishop telling him that we need a chaplain in our deanery?
January 2024 Could you locate an address for Archbishop Marini, are there special requirements for mailing and how do I make a donation?
August 2023 Can I construct a small (pond/well), have it blessed by a priest, and dedicated to a saint — and if I add more unblessed water, will it become holy water?
January 2023 Since the Religious Education fees are unaffordable, can we teach our child the faith ourselves?
August 2022 Why haven't the priests said any prayers during any of the Masses in any of the churches for this cause?
April 2022 Should I tell someone that a priest at my parish is gay; if he's there, it's hard to go to Confession?
January 2021 If I submit a question to your Team will it be totally private?
April 2020 Can you unpack and explain what Canon 1214 means in the Code of Canon Law?
August 2019 Where can I go to find out what relic is in the altar of my parish at St. Mary's in Custer, Michigan?
April 2019 Is it proper to use an Adoration Chapel for purposes other than Eucharistic Adoration?
April 2018 Is there anything the diocese can do to stop this woman from practicing therapy in my parish?
April 2018 How does your belief affect your ethical decisions and what is the social impact of your religion?
January 2018 Who runs the parish offices when a Pastor, in charge of two parishes, is only at one of them?
January 2018 As a Catholic, where is the Church failing and is the Church reaching out to the passive Catholic?
April 2017 What is a canon priest?
April 2017 How can I directly call the Vatican Secretariat of State?
August 2016 How can someone get a list of Catholics who were excommunicated from the Catholic Church?
June 2015 What, in terms of families, constitutes a large, medium and small parish?
January 2015 Can this be done while our diocese is vacant without usurping the rights of the pastor of a parish?
January 2015 How I can be sure your answers are in line with the Church teachings and regs for Catholics?
April 2014 Is an Episcopal Vicar the same title as a Bishop?
April 2014 Where can I find a list of relics held by Catholic organizations or recognized by the Vatican?
January 2014 In lieu of the bishop's statements on religious freedom, is Pius IX's Syllabus of Errors binding?
January 2014 Can you explain why a Holy Quote you are sending out cannot be found in the Didache?
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