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Luke L. wrote:

Hi, guys —

  1. What does Pope Francis' Apostolic Letter Traditionis Custodes mean for the TLM?

    • Is it now a sin to go to the Traditional Latin Mass?
    • If I go to the TLM on Sunday, is my obligation fulfilled?

  2. Also, how can I evangelize atheists?

    • What do you recommend?
    • Which arguments are best for proving the existence of God and what is the best way to prove that?

God bless you!

Luke L.

  { What does Pope Francis' "Traditionis Custodes" mean for the TLM and how do I evangelize atheists? }

Bob replied:

Dear Luke,

Thanks for the question.

You can fulfill your Sunday obligation at most TLMs. The irregular status of the SSPX, however, means one can only assist at Mass there, under restricted circumstances.

Most dioceses have a TLM at a diocesan parish, and of course there are the FSSP and ICTK. Check your diocese for options. Since Traditionis Custodes has been promulgated, there has been greater interest in the TLM, as many find Pope Francis's clamp down unjust and unwarranted. There has been a rising sympathy for those who attend the TLM, and now curiosity is bringing many to their communities. I personally think that the TLM is beautiful and reverent, and while it may not be for everyone, it should be accessible to those who want it. I go when I can (as a music director at a Novus Ordo parish; my schedule doesn't always work in favor of going), and I always find it an enriching experience. It is a treasure we should not lose. I wouldn't be surprised if we, as a Church, make our way back to the TLM at some point, but we should also seek to make the Novus Ordo Mass as reverent as possible. Unfortunately, the Novus Ordo liturgy lends itself much easier to abuse.

Here is a site with useful information about the TLM:

You said:

  1. Also, how can I evangelize atheists?

    • What do you recommend?
    • Which arguments are best for proving the existence of God and what is the best way to prove that?

The best argument for the existence of God is the one that makes sense to the person thinking about it.

You should be acquainted with all the arguments of Aquinas and other scholastics, but always find out what the person you are sharing with, finds as a difficulty. I personally think that Fr. Spitzer's Magis Center has great resources on all the latest science that bolster the arguments for design and creation.

Check him out here:

Hope those links help.


Bob Kirby

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