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Anonymous Tracy wrote:

Hi, guys —

I witnessed something disturbing at the end of Mass on May 1st.

I am a convert and was always in the practice of kneeling after Mass for a thanksgiving after receiving Communion.

Mass is not over until you have said thank you. So imagine my shock when the man who had been the celebrant during the recessional starts touching the young teen female altar server BBB three BBB times before before my view was obscured. Mass isn't even over and he is sexually touching a child! I have never witnessed a sexual assault before.

I contacted the archdiocese. I was told they would deal with the reporting. I was later was told it wasn't sexual misconduct. At 8 weeks I called the police. They filed a report. It is sexual assault and he admitted it to the police. The reason is even scarier than what I saw. This still has me in knots. I have not been back to Mass since. Those tainted hands touching Jesus. It was during Mass. I used to go to daily Mass before COVID. I have begun going to an Eastern rite liturgy in Ukrainian. I am constantly lost and don't understand. I hate this mess.

  • Do you have any suggestions for dealing with a contaminated priest?

I am seeing a Roman Catholic priest as a counsellor, and he says my repulsion at his hands is totally understandable. I miss Mass.

  • Any suggestions?
  • And when is Mass over?

I am on chemotherapy so cannot go long distances by transit for Mass so am stuck with this and it isn't even in English.


  { How do I handle a situation, dealing with a contaminated priest engaging in sexual misconduct? }

Bob replied:

Dear Tracy,

I'm so sorry for the awful experience you have had to undergo in witnessing this very diabolical scene, it must have been like walking to the gates of hell. 

Sometimes you may ask,

  • Why would God let this happen?, or even,
  • Why would God let me see this?

Truly I think the answer is that He allowed you to see it because he trusts you, loves you, and wants to invite you into experiencing a small fraction of the pain he experiences every day.  You may not have expected this but hang on. 

Consider all the tears shed by Our Lady, sometimes statues weeping miraculous blood, accompanied by messages asking for consolation for her grieved Immaculate Heart and especially for that of the Sacred Heart of her Son.  We think that since the cross is over that Jesus is no longer suffering, after all, isn't Heaven just bliss?  That will be true in the end, but in reality the Church Militant (here on earth) which is the very body of Christ, suffers, so He is still being grieved in a way that pierces his heart like a great betrayal.  He suffers in His Church, very personally, it is totally personal.  I experienced this when someone I cared about maligned me falsely and spoke great evil about me.  It hurt; then it dawned on me, Christ let me taste a tiny fraction of the bitter maligning He gets constantly.  I never truly understood what it meant to console the Heart of Jesus until I needed consolation.  We can't get Christ until we feel what he feels, and he does feel.

You were privileged to share in this misery so that you could not only insure that justice was brought to this Judas priest, but even more that you can be ever more united to Christ in His most awful pain. 

  • Can you imagine the pain of witnessing all the abuse in all of history at once? 

To be like Christ we must suffer with Him.  You will bear this cross because He allowed you to take it and will walk with you, and you will console Him and understand His Sacrifice more than you ever have.

satan wants to use this evil to drive you away from Christ, but you can't let him win.  Embrace the cross and console your Savior, and if you don't know how, go to His Mother, she stood by the cross to console Him then, and she still does now as she stands by the cross of immolation in the Church today.  Learn about Fatima, Akita, and so many others.

You will get through this only when God has fulfilled his reasons for letting you in.  Be brave, be strong, and be faithful. 

Saints are needed to fix this Church and He intends on making you one.


Bob Kirby

Mike replied:

Dear Tracy,

Bob answered most of your questions. I just wanted to add a bit more.

You said:

  • And when is Mass over?

The Mass is over when the priest says,

"Go, the Mass has ended." or
"The Mass has ended, go in Peace."  

It's part of the liturgy.

That said, in my opinion, if you feel rightfully uncomfortable there, there would be no problem leaving after receiving Communion or going to the back of the church after receiving.


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