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WereTheyPublished wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • I was just wondering if you openly published my questions that were very personal in nature?

I thought, for that reason, you would have decided not to.  I probably should have been more careful and not have left it to your discretion.


  { Do you openly publish questions that were very personal in nature with the person's name on it? }

Mike replied:

Dear WereTheyPublished —

Thank-you for the very good question!

This is something I take very seriously.

On the preceding paragraphs to the question page, I ask all questioners to tell me if they want their name to be kept Anonymous. (See below)

Nevertheless, even if they don't tell me or overlooked this request, if their issue is of a personal nature, I usually make up or change the name myself. On that same page, I also suggest that concerned questioners make up their own pseudo-name, like, Worried Walter wrote:

If you are concerned about a certain posting or question you have submitted that has your name on it and you wish to have it changed to Anonymous or another pseudo name, I can easily:

  • change the name to Anonymous or a fictitious name, and
  • within 24-48 hours Google will re-index their search engine to remove your name from the site.

Personally, I can't re-index anyone's web posting on Google' search engine. This is done automatically by Google (an other search engines) as a service to the web community.

Just send me an e-mail (Mike's E-mail address) with:
  1. your name, as it is spelled in the posting
  2. the title of the posting you are referring to, and if possible
  3. the web address.

For example:

1. Frank DelBagno
2. Do Catholics believe their religion gives them a fuller and therefore, better connection with God?

As I say on the Ask Us Your Question Today page:

If you still do not want your question to be posted in our database, even with a fictional or changed name, after you enter your Last Name (below), type

Seeing that one of the main goals of this apostolate is to clarify teachings and correct misperceptions about the One Church, Our Blessed Lord Jesus established on St. Peter, for the good of ALL faith-seekers, Christian and non-Christian alike:

Unless you state otherwise in your question, our dialogue will probably be put into the knowledge base. There can be a big plus here. If you are in a tough situation, the more readers that know your name, the greater the probability more readers will pray for your situation.

If your question is of a personal nature and you wish to not be identified, we can
substitute your name with Anonymous. Just tell me to do so in the e-mail when asking the question. You can also make up an alias name or similar name in line with your inquiry, like:

  • WantToGetMarriedBut wrote:
  • ButMyFamilyWontUnderstand wrote:
  • SeekingButConfused wrote:
  • WantToJoinBut wrote:

    or an anonymous name like G.S. wrote or Sam T. wrote:

In addition, I will strive to change all e-mail dialogues of a deeply personal nature to

"Anonymous Alan or Anonymous Amy wrote:"

before posting. I also exclude questions that are either irrelevant to the purpose and mission of the site, or that have already been answered.

If you are concerned about privacy issues, I would encourage you to use Anonymous or a fictional, made-up name to protect your identity on personal issues.

  • Why?

Because there may be many other visitors who can be helped by your question and our team answers.

Important Note: If you still do not want your question to be posted in our database, even with a fictional or changed name, after you enter your Last Name (below), type:

From the Ask Us Your Question Today page.

Sample AskACatholic Web Form: After Last Name type: (DO NOT POST)

Sample AskACatholic Web Form: After Last Name type: (DO NOT POST)

I hope my answer puts your concerns to rest.


Please report any and all typos or grammatical errors.
Suggestions for this web page and the web site can be sent to Mike Humphrey
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