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AskACatholic - Ask us the question that's on your mind today!

You can ask a question at the bottom of this page but please read the following first.

Seeing that one of the main goals of this apostolate is to clarify teachings and correct misperceptions about the One Church, Our Blessed Lord Jesus established on St. Peter, for the good of ALL faith-seekers, Christian and non-Christian alike:

Unless you state otherwise in your question, our dialogue will probably be put into the knowledge base. There can be a big plus. If you are in a tough situation, the more readers that know your name, the greater the probability more readers will pray for your situation.

If your question is of a personal nature and you wish to not be identified, we can substitute your name with Anonymous or a pseudo-name. Just tell me in the form below when asking the question.
You can also make up an alias name or similar name in line with your inquiry, like:

  • WantToGetMarriedBut wrote:
  • ButMyFamilyWontUnderstand wrote:
  • SeekingButConfused wrote:
  • WantToJoinBut wrote:

    or just use an anonymous name. If your name is Mike Humphrey use Thomas Allen or any random name. If using an Anonymous name, please specify your gender like either Amy Anonymous or Alex Anonymous.

None of us our doctors or medical people, so no part of any answer we provide should be construed as an attempt to offer or render any medical opinion or engage in the practice of medicine or other health care disciplines. The same is true with civil or legal issues. The only legal issues that would be addressed in our answers would be related to those found in the Canon Law of the Church.

In addition, I will strive to change all e-mail dialogues of a deeply personal nature to Anonymous or a Fictitious Name wrote: before posting. I also exclude questions or portions of the question that are either irrelevant to the purpose and mission of the site, or that have already been answered.

If you are concerned about privacy issues, I would encourage you to use an Anonymous or a fictional, made-up name to protect your identity. This way you protect your privacy while still educating other readers of our knowledge base postings.

Important Note: If you still do not want your question to be posted in our database, even with a fictional or changed name, after you enter your LAST NAME (below), type:


Note: We have answered some questions at least three times or more, so if you don't get a reply in a while, search our knowledge base again.

The left navigation bar categorizes the issues by topic. We also have a NEW Frequently Asked Questions page. Please limit your questions to 4 to 5 per e-mail.

Based on the type of questions we have received over the past 23 years, we now have a "WILL NOT ANSWER" policy. (It opens in a new window.) These questioners make up less then 1 percent of the people that ask us questions about the Faith, so unless you fall into this category, ask away and remember:

The only dumb question, is the one not asked.

DATELINE: February, 2012 Commenting On Specific People.

We will no longer be commenting on specific people unless they have passed on to their particular judgment. If you have concerns about "How Catholic" any person or group is, we would encourage you to ask these basic questions:

  • Is this person or group, faithful to the Magisterium or Teaching Authority of the Church which includes the Pope?
  • Does this person believe in the validity of both the Novus Ordo Mass and the Latin Mass?
  • Does this person or group, believe all the teachings in the Catechism of the Catholic Church?
  • Does this person believe in all the Catholic Councils from Nicaea to Vatican II?

  • Does this person say, he or she is Catholic, but speaks and acts contrary to Catholic Teachings? (Meaning they are a Protestant.)


Our main goal at is to clarify misconceptions and answer questions about the Teachings and doctrines of the Catholic Church. Our focus: Internet Evangelization and Apologetics. Over the past thirteen years we have been evangelizing, we have received some questions that desire some type of "on-line counseling". We wish to make clear, those who answer your questions are not:

  • licensed counselors
  • doctors, or
  • medical professionals, etc.
We can give advice, general guidelines and opinions, but the best place to bring a person's pastoral question or concern is to a local parish priest who is faithful to the Holy Father and Teachings of the Church. He will have the ability to apply the appropriate Church Teachings and Canon Law to your specific situation, facts, realities, nuances, etc.

Also remember our group is totally blind to the age-range and background of any questioner. If you could give us an idea of how old you are, we can address your question and the other issues that come with your question. (e.g. A question from a man or woman who is 50 to 72 will be addressed far differently than a boy or girl who is 12 to 15.)

NOTE: Some questioners who have written us, have shown an interest in finding out more about what Catholics really believe. If you wish to go deeper, consider buying a cheap copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church to learn everything we believe as Catholics. If you, or any visitor, has been helped by our work at, consider financially supporting us today. If you can't right now, check out our recommended reading and buy something! Otherwise, don't worry, I'm confident that the Lord will provide for our needs.

We are starting to receive more questions from Muslims about Catholic Christianity, and have a new set of web pages for non-Christians.

All of us on the team, expect your question to be in English, otherwise we will not be able to understand the question you are asking. For this reason, if English is not your primary language, use Google Translate, and use the DETECT LANGUAGE drop down box to translate the question you have (in a non-English language) to one in English. Then just COPY and PASTE your question, (now in English) into the QUESTION text box below.

Also, if you reply to our answer, PLEASE use the REPLY ALL feature of your e-mail program. This will ensure the whole team gets your reply, enabling ALL of us to follow-up.


If you have been helped by our site, any support would be appreciated, as I get little, if any, encouragement while administering and maintaining this site and being unemployed.

If you have been blessed financially in recent times and wish to support the FREE Catechism Program for Protestants Program, you can donate here: You also may be interested in a related posting.

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**Last Name:
**Enter the verification code: AAC
Double check your e-mail address.
If it is NOT correct, there is no way we will be able to reply to your question.
Also, please re-read what you have typed below before sending.
We cannot reply to a question that is not written in understandable English.
If you need help, ask a friend who knows how to type in English.


Please, re-read your question, before you hit the Submit to the Team button, and make sure what you have written is grammatically correct. If your question(s) do not make any sense, we can only guess at what you are trying to ask us.

Please report any and all typos or grammatical errors.
Suggestions for this web page and the web site can be sent to Mike Humphrey
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