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Bob Lee wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Do priests have to give up their Protestant childhood friends?

I'm a Protestant and a childhood friend of mine grew up and became a priest.

He, my brother, and I were great friends. Now that we are adults, he will have no contact with either my brother or I. I've seen him at weddings and restaurants and he will not see me. The same is true with my brother.

This really hurts as we were such good childhood friends. I've never gotten angry with him because I know little about the priesthood but I am sure there are guidelines he must follow; I am just not aware of them.

Even though I'm a Protestant, I respect the Catholic faith as well as the Priesthood. I live in South Louisiana, and even though I don't ask, I assume most people I meet and associate with are Catholic. I hope I'm not out of line asking this question.

I will always love and respect my old friend regardless!

Bob Lee

  { Do priests have to give up their Protestant childhood friends? }

Fr. Jonathan replied:

Hi, Bob —

Priests certainly do not have to give up their Protestant friends.

Fr. Jonathan

Mike replied:

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the question.

All Catholic priests should, walk, talk, and preach as if Jesus Himself were acting in their bodies. You did not say why, if any, he would not see you but unless he can't see you due to a busy schedule, his behavior does not appear to be very Christian.

As a Protestant, I admire your attitude of respect toward other Christians you disagree with on basic Christian teachings. It shows me you are willing to dialogue with others in a constructive manner.


Bob replied:

Hi guys,

Thanks for your reply.

I don't doubt for a second his deep Christian faith!

He's recently retired and I know a few folks that were in one of the parishes he led: They think the world of him! My only conclusion is that there is some other reason and that's OK!

Maybe the times I have bumped into him were in fact just not a good time!

I have no doubt the pressures are great!

Thank you so much for your reply.


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