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Sarah wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am wondering what the Catholic stance is on disrespecting someone's last wishes.

For instance: A relative has made it very clear that they want their estate to be disbursed to their illegitimate children. The family of the person doing the disbursement starts to do this but, in the end, only gives them about half of what is rightfully theirs.

  • Will there be repercussions in the after life?
  • Will the relative or God reprimand them for not following their wishes?
  • Would they go to Hell?

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you.


  { What is the Catholic stance on those who disrespect the last wishes of some ones estate? }

Mike replied:

Dear Sarah,

The Church does not and cannot address individual family situations and related nuanced problems that arise from within the family. The Church with Christ does establish faith and moral guidelines by which He calls them to follow.

If the person is disbursing the estate in an unjust manner, they will be accountable for their actions at theirParticular Judgment. [CCC]

That person's Judgment is none of our business. We should focus on our words and actions and ensure they are in line with Catholic Christian values.

Only Jesus, the Just Judge, can answer the three bulleted questions in your e-mail.


Bob replied:


There really isn't an official teaching on this. Whether they did the right thing in God's eyes will be for Him to judge. It certainly sounds unfair on the surface.

God bless you,

Bob Kirby

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