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Theresa Adair wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am a young woman who has always been taught to save myself for marriage. Unfortunately, through the ages 15-17 I had fallen away from the church and committed acts of impurity both with myself and others. At the age of 16 though, I had begun wearing a scapular (mostly to please my parents at the time.) When I came back to the church I continued to wear it and I still wear one to this day. I have since confessed of my sins of impurity and continue to live a pure life however the other day my scapular broke so I went and got a new one.

When I was opening my new scapular there was a paper about the requirements for the Sabbatine Privilege. I had never heard of this before. One of the rules was to live in a state of purity according to one's marital status.

  • Because of my years away from the Church, does this mean that I can never fulfill this requirement?
  • Should I even be wearing a scapular?
  • Even if I have confessed my sins and have tried to live in a state of purity now, do my past actions disqualify me from Mary's promise?


  { Do my past actions disqualify me from Mary's promises about wearing the Brown Scapular? }

Bob replied:


Thanks for the question and put your worries aside.

Think of Mary Magdalene and how tainted her past was.

  • Can you imagine how easy it would be for her to think of her unworthiness to hang out amongst Jesus' inner circle of friends and companions?
  • How did she adjust?
  • How did she break from her past?

Part of it is knowing how deeply-loving her Savior is and that He doesn't want her to carry that burden around — when He forgives, He really does forgive. She saw how real that forgiveness was up close and personal — let's take our cue from her. It is very easy for us to look at our current state through the lens of our past sins and failures, but God doesn't want us living in that mental space. He wants us to move on and to start anew. If you fail 1,000 times you must start anew 1,000 times. The Christian life is a marathon and you may stumble along the way, but our eyes must be set on (the goal) the finish line.

Put your Scapular on each day (you probably take it off to shower anyway) and give it a kiss and say to the Lord:

"Thank you for your Love, thank you for making me anew, and I am yours, let this Scapular be a sign of my new life in you".

It is not about your past, it is about right now, and you are in no way disqualified for the promise. Only satan would want you to think otherwise.

We Christians are a collection of sinners being transformed into the likeness of Our Lord, adopted children becoming more like our parents, all the time. And I say parents because we have a mother in Mary, who shows perfectly what it means to be fully human: a child of God who has become a magnifying lens of God's grace. Let Jesus and Mary change you and don't be afraid to go to them when you stumble. Sometimes you need a mom and other times a big brother, a dad, and always a friend.

In faith you have all of that, so now use it and live in it.


Bob Kirby

Mike replied:

Dear Theresa,

In addition to Bob's reply, I wanted to share with you a PDF file and a posting from our database.

The PDF may clear up other questions you have about the Brown Scapular.

We all fall in life due to our weakened nature. Just get back up, go to Confession and start your sacramental life anew. Our Search Engine is a quick and easy way to find future answers to your questions.

Just go here:


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