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Patricia Gift wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am having a very difficult time understanding Pope Francis stance with most modern day issues.

I always tell my grandchildren that man may change his laws, but God's laws never change. Pope Francis seems to steer away from the Word that Jesus taught us and what is in the Bible and is accepting of these modern day ways which aren't supported by our faith.

Now in his book he supports Black Lives Matter and comes down on the people who peacefully protest their constitutional rights, especially:

  • the ability to work
  • keep their business from going under and supporting their families to have sufficient food on the table, and
  • the ability to pay their bills.

I, and so many others, find his behavior very concerning. I will never accept anything different than the Word and what Jesus has taught us. We can be kind and loving to all people, but not agree with their way of life, because that is between them and God. I do agree there are bad policemen, but I do believe the majority of them are good and caring. I see it every day.

Unfortunately, there are bad apples in every aspect and vocation of life, including the priesthood. I'm taught to pray for these people, because we are all human. I could go on, but I believe you know where I am coming from with my comments. The bottom line is:

  • How can the Leader of our Church act as he does?


  { How can Pope Francis, the Leader of our Church, act and write as he does in speeches and books? }

Bob replied:


You are not alone in your struggle in trying to understand Pope Francis. He has said and done many troubling things. I pray for him everyday and fear that he will not come around to really being the Pope he was called to be until something very grave has opened his eyes. He has been taken in (or accepted) by so many agencies (the UN sustainable Development, World Economic Forum, Inclusive Capitalism, etc.) that have evil Marxist (and/or) secular humanist designs for humanity that is truly frightening. There is no Gospel of Jesus Christ amongst any of them.

We cannot let whatever the hierarchy does deter us from our Faith. You are right to stay true to what Jesus taught, and reject the current political trends, no matter who is aligning himself with these movements.

A good book you may enjoy is:

The bottom line is we have always had Judas' amongst the hierarchy, sometimes even the Pope. I still want to believe however that Francis is not lost, and that Jesus can reign him back in.

Peter turned back to Jesus after his betrayal, if only Judas did the same.

We must pray Francis is a Peter and not a Judas.


Bob Kirby

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