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What-Should-I-Do Wayne wrote:

Hi, guys —

Good afternoon.

My question is marital in nature.

When my wife and I married, we were both Catholic, and both shared the same politics, views, and stances on important issues. Having the same religious and political views was very important to me going into a marriage, and it always has been, however years into the marriage, my wife's views have changed on certain important points.

Among those changes, she is now willing to vote for pro-choice political candidates even though she is personally pro-life, because she agrees with them on other issues. I, personally, cannot be comfortable with this, as being pro-life is a number-one issue for me. However, I know that I also cannot change her, and any efforts to do so only cause her to (feel hurt/double-down) on her positions.

  • What should I do?
  • Is there any way for me to stop caring about my wife's political views and fix our marriage?

We've already sought counseling for this and other matters, but it hasn't really clarified what I need to do.

Any advice would be appreciated, and thank you very much for your time.


  { Now that her Pro-Life views have completely changed what should I do, and can I fix our marriage? }

Bob replied:

Dear Wayne,

Thank you for your question.

This is a tricky situation, but not one without hope.

  • First, are you praying with your wife every day?
    <If not, you need to.>

I would suggest you pray the Rosary every day. Also, include, in your intentions, an end to abortion. Take active measures to support pro-life organizations, with donations and prayer, and perhaps even joining them for an occasional rally or something. By embracing the pro-life movement more emphatically she will begin to see. Leave out the arguments over political candidates, but focus on the Pro-Life principles first, so she can connect the dots in her mind.

Watch the movie Unplanned if you haven't already (together of course). Lastly, there are good videos on YouTube discussing the very argument as to whether one can be a good Catholic and vote pro-choice. The answer is No, of course, but arm yourself with the intricacies of the debate. Then, you can bring those points to any future discussion.

The bottom line is that your wife is being influenced by a diabolically-controlled culture, and you need to go to war to protect your family. Learn about your sacred role and duty as the man of the house, and the rights and legal jurisdiction you have that demons must respect. Father Chad Ripperger (famous exorcist) has some great YouTube videos on this so check him out. Binding prayers, deliverance prayers, protection etc, need to be in your arsenal.

This is a unique time in history and you can't afford to take this sitting down. You must be as cunning as a wolf and gentle as a lamb with your wife but you must shepherd this family. Otherwise, you will lose the war.

Lastly, partner with the Blessed Virgin Mary and commit your life to be close to her and entrust your family to her. She will not fail in defeating satan and his minions. You cannot go at this alone, and who, but the Blessed Virgin, could be better to have as your aid.


Bob Kirby

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