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Anonymous John wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am struggling at the moment with my trust in God.

I am disturbed by the news of the maltreatment and deaths of so many babies and children in Irish homes run by Catholic religious orders.

  • How is it possible that people of faith, working under the auspices of the Catholic Church, could behave in such a manner?

These people were presumably active and passing on the faith in the parishes in which the homes were located.

  • Where was God?

Thank you,


  { Where was God when people of faith, working under the auspices of the Church, acted this way? }

Mike replied:

Dear John,

I too am saddened by similar situations here in the United States.

When God created mankind, the greatest, but most (volatile/changeable) gift he gave us was free will and He respects our free will, whether we make good choices or bad choices. It was not His intent to create robots but humans with free will.

Sadly, many have been brought up with a poor Catholic education, or worst, have been put in positions of trust in Catholic education (having had a very good Catholic Education), yet have not properly protected and strengthened their own Catholic spirituality. They end up teaching stuff that is either non-Catholic or anti-Catholic and present it to students as being faithfully Catholic.

  • For Catholics, God is still present with us, at every heartbeat, as long as we receive the sacraments in a state of grace every week, or better, every day!
  • For non-Catholic Christians and non-Christians, God is still with us, as long as we follow the (Holy Spirit/Nature Law) within us. This is that Spirit (in our Holy gut) that tells us something is very wrong or very right, without someone else telling us it is so.

If everyone received the sacraments of the Church on a daily basis (in a state of grace), we would be a better, holier Church as well as a better, holier world . . . which is exactly what Jesus wants to see in this secular culture we live in today.

The only thing we can truly control is our own Particular Judgment; not the judgment of others, unless they are truly open to having faith-sharing discussions (and/or) conversations about the faith on a regular basis.

You said:

  • Where was God?

I said pretty much the same thing when everyone cowered out of supporting the most pro-Catholic president in United States history, President Donald J. Trump after the November election, but then I remembered how I answered similar questions that were asked from this website, and the answer was:

When bad things happen it is always to pull a greater good out of it.

I wish I had a better answer but that's the best I can do.

I hope this helps,


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