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Peter Tan wrote:

Hi, guys —

  1. Who wrote the book of Genesis?
    How can they know about a story that happened so long ago when there were only Adam and Eve living at that time?
  2. What is the relationship between Science and Religion?
    Is there any connection?
  3. What is important about religion?

Peter T.

  { Can you answer these questions that may appear to be homework questions? }

Mike, John and Richard gave the following team reply:

Dear Peter, aka BAC Classroom,

My team was hesitant to answer your questions because it fell into one of the categories of questions we do not answer:

See Number 1:

Although we can't do your homework, which we believe this is, we can share with you some research notes for you to look up and study on your own.

This will allow you to have a resource through which you can do your own homework.

You said:

  1. Who wrote the book of Genesis and when?
    What interpretation does the Church hold about the account of Adam and Eve?

The organization "Catholic Answers" has an introduction to Genesis here, with some discussion of the imagery and language it uses to convey basic truths about God, man, and the created world:

This article discusses who wrote the first five books of the Bible, which are collectively called the "books of Moses", since they lead up to the story of how Moses led the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt.

You said:

  1. What is the Church's attitude toward science?

Let me recommend the writings of Fr. Stanley Jaki, a monk of the Benedictine order who died in 2009. He held a PhD in physics along with his studies in theology, and was an expert on the subject of the relation of Christianity and science. A web site devoted to his writings is on-line here:

You said:

  1. What is important about religion?

Religion deals with the most important questions about human existence:

  • Is God real?
  • Is God good?
  • Has God revealed anything about Himself to mankind?
  • What is His attitude toward human beings?

Perhaps a good book for getting an understanding of the Christian view of these matters is Mere Christianity, originally a series of radio talks by C.S. Lewis, the British writer famous for the Narnia stories.

We hope you find these resources helpful, so you can complete your assignments.

Mike and the Team

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