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Jafar Rahim wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Where can a Shia Muslim preacher who has converted to the Christian faith get protection and more training to be in the Christian ministry?

My name is Jafar Rahim. I was a Muslim Imam in Tanzania and I have believed in the Lord Jesus Christ as a Christian believer but went through persecution from my relatives and community.

Because of the persecution, I have ran away to South Africa but it seems it wasn't a good step as things are getting more difficult due to my previous community infiltrating people here who are not making my life easy or helpful. I am requesting assistance in what I am going through by guiding me to some true Christian brothers and sisters I can be with to serve the Lord. If it is not possible then I would still be willing to go to another place outside South Africa. Any help would be indeed appreciated.

I did my Islamic studies in Syria between 2008-2010. After becoming a Christian, I studied at Bible school in the Baptist mission in Reach Tanzania Bible school in Tanzania under American missionaries Richard Lee, Mark Dunker and Allysa Dunker.

Because of persecution by my previous community of Shia Muslims, who are powerful economically, things became harder for me as they were:

  • monitoring me wherever I was, and
  • monitoring whomever was trying to help me.

They were trying to ruin my life everywhere. As I said, due to their increasing threats, I had to run away to South Africa.

Please talk among your group and see if there is something better for me; if I can get more training in the ministry or wherever you can help me serve the Lord and move on with my future.

I would really appreciate your help,

God bless you!

Jafar Rahim

  { Where can a Shia Muslim preacher who has converted to Christianity get protection and more? }

Mike replied:

Dear Jafar,

May God bless you for following the Holy Spirit in your faith journey!!

If you have a sincere, honest heart, Our Blessed Lord can use your ministry skills in many ways within the Church. I am not sure our small group can help, beyond giving you some advice.

For those under persecution who are seeking protection and spiritual growth, it's always safest to find a local Catholic diocese in your area that is faithful to the Church.

This website:

will help. These web pages should help in your case:

Once you choose the diocese closest to you from this page, you will be able to link to a website for that diocese and get contact and help information.

I have CC'd my colleagues on your situation. If they have any more advice, I'm sure you will hear back from them.

I hope this helps,

Mike Web Admin.

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