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Mary B. wrote:

Hi, guys —

My question is in regard to the topic of The Final Authority.

I read through John's thorough response in the following posting. Thank you, John. I will keep this response on hand! I greatly enjoyed it. My question:

  • Are Catholics the only ones that believe that the Bible is not the final authority?

Background: I am Catholic, and I help run a home school program attended by (mostly) Protestants; Orthodox Greeks, Egyptian Coptic, and Roman Catholics.

We are seeking to advertise our program through a popular home school group so families can find our program easier, however the advertising group has a Statement of Faith that notes that the Bible is the final authority. I have to check a box indicating that I agree with their statement. They do not mention Bible alone or Faith alone.

I think (the Bible is the final authority) is the only major issue in their Statement of Faith.

Our own program's Statement of Faith notes that the Bible is an authority to avoid issues with other Christians. I plan to ask the advertiser if our exception would be acceptable. I would like to be able to note if this necessary exception is just for our Catholics or if it is also for our Orthodox Greeks and Egyptian Coptics. The more I list, the more likely they, may not only work with me but, consider changing the wording of their statement to include more Christians.

Thank you in advance for your time.

God bless.

Mary B.
  { Are Catholics the only ones who believe the Bible is not the last authority or are there others? }

Eric replied:


The Eastern Orthodox (Greeks) and Oriental Orthodox (Copts) would have the same problem we have with the statement as would Armenian Orthodox and Assyrian Church of the East people.


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