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Meredith Gardner wrote:

Hi, guys —

I was married in the Catholic Church. My ex-husband and I are divorced. Many things led to the divorce, but the one event that was the most difficult was his affair. I discovered this and found the woman he was having an affair with was an employee of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, Religious Congress. She knew he was married and continued the affair. When I found out he did not want to end the affair, I tried everything from seeking marriage counseling, to talking to our Pastor, to trying to change who I was.

We were together for another two years. After 19 years of marriage, it was clearly over. He had met another female one evening and chose to not come home. He said he did not love me and wanted to divorce me. We did. Three years later I have met a wonderful man. We would like to get married in the Catholic Church. I understand I would need to have my first marriage annulled.

  • Would it be fast tracked since the affair that ultimately broke my marriage was by a woman employed by the archdiocese?

I want to begin my new life with my new love blessed by the Catholic Church. I also want to be able to receive Holy Communion.

Please advise.

Thank you,


  { Would the fact this woman was employed by the archdiocese fast track my annulment process? }

Eric replied:

Meredith —

I don't think that factor would affect the timing of your declaration of nullity (annulment).

The only factors that affect a declaration of nullity are factors that pre-existed the marriage.

For example, if you can prove he did not intend from the beginning, for the marriage to be lifelong and faithful, that would help your cause enormously.

My advice would be to get a canon lawyer to find out what you can do to speed it up.


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