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Anonymous Amy wrote:

Hi, guys —

I consider myself a lukewarm Catholic. I think of religion as home, but I'm scared to come back and I don't know why. I've been saying it for years and I keep stopping myself.

Last Sunday at Palm Sunday Mass, I noticed myself starting to cry during Mass when people were going up to receive Holy Communion and I was kneeling down and did not go up.

That same day, I went to visit a grave of a passed loved one for the first time since they passed. On Easter Sunday, I started tearing again around the time of the renewal of our Baptismal rites and homily.

I've also noticed myself crying when I am worried and I understand why, but I am unable to figure out why I cry during the Mass or when I pray, for no reason — it just happens. I'm not in pain, nor sad, or sobbing. I just start tearing and I have to stop myself because if I don't, I know I will cry even more.

I'm just confused as to what this means and if there is any meaning behind it.

Thank you and God bless!!


  { Seeing I'm thinking about returning, do you have any idea why I get emotional in these situations? }

Eric replied:

Dear Amy —

I've heard of something called "the gift of tears" which your experience reminds me of. I'm not sure how much of a "thing" it is, but there are definitely people that cry when encountering profound religious experiences, so don't feel alone.

See if this helps:


Bob replied:

Dear Amy,

Thanks for the question. 

Yes, there is meaning to it, and it is good. 

God loves you and is calling you back and the Holy Spirit is moving within you to stir your heart into a flame.  It may be that you are the recipient of a loved ones prayers — someone who is even passed and is with the Lord. 

The block you may be feeling has to do with sin, at the very least, the sin of a broken relationship with God.  Go to Confession and talk to a priest about your journey and he can help you.  The power of the Sacrament of Penance will unleash grace that will change your life in a tremendously good way.

So, use this moment to act in going into a deeper relationship with God.  You will discover a love you never knew and a joy that will never end.


Bob Kirby
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