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Dona John wrote:

Hi, guys —

I have a feeling that I'm not deserving to receive Christ at Holy Mass. In my country, good people go to church every day. I also like doing that, because I love Jesus but sometimes I'm not able to concentrate in Holy Mass and receive Jesus without any prayer or preparation.

My mother always want me to go church but my heart says, "You are not ready." [I've committed mortal sins and haven't gone to Confession.] I don't know whether I should go to church or not.

If I'm receiving Jesus, I'm not prepared. I'm not deserving. If I'm not going to church and receiving Him, it means I don't like Jesus.

My question is, should I go to church only when I feel I should go or just go to church every day without any concerns about being prepared for Holy Mass.

Dona John

  { Should I go to church only when I feel I should go, or just go every day without these concerns? }

Bob replied:

Dear Dona,

Thanks for the question.

Let's talk about what you are required to do before any extras. If you are a Catholic you must go to Mass weekly (Sunday obligation), Holy Days of obligation, and confess mortal sins before receiving Communion. So, yes, you need to get to Confession before receiving Jesus in the Eucharist.

Going to Mass on other days , like daily Mass, is good, but optional. It is worth doing when you can because, by doing so, you can grow in faith and holiness. Ultimately, to love someone you have to make the effort to spend time with them, and so it is with God. Spend time with Him in order for your love to grow.

Lastly, the Christian life is one that involves discipline. We learn to do things in spite of our feelings. Don't rely on when you simply feel like going but decide on a commitment that is reasonable to follow. Make that your habit, and then if you "feel" like doing more do those extra things as a sacrifice that you offer especially for others who are suffering. You can motivate yourself more when you find purpose beyond just your own wants and needs.

God will see your good will and reward not only those you ask for His help, but yourself as well.


Bob Kirby

Mike replied:

Dear Dona,

I just wanted to add a bit to Bob's fine answer.

You can always search our database by going here:

I searched our knowledge base and found these web postings which should help.
From our database:

I hope this helps,


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