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Questions about the Anointing of the Sick and various end of life issues
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Posting date Questions
January 2015 Are there any Catholic traditions recognized by the Church that we can do near our father's death?
August 2014 Should he die before me, can a Catholic be buried in a non-denominational cemetery?
August 2014 Is it possible that God planted that verse in my mind to help me during a terrible time in my life?
April 2014 Is there only one oil for Anointing of the Sick and what do these letters mean?
January 2014 Can a Chinese Catholic attending a Chinese funeral use Joss sticks to pray to the departed?
January 2014 If one receives the Anointing of the Sick right before they die, do they go straight to Heaven?
January 2014 What are the Catholic guidelines related to someone being buried in a Catholic cemetery?
August 2013 Is meeting several times after a loved one has passed away that week a Catholic tradition?
August 2013 Would being buried in a VA National Military Cemetery be in keeping with our faith?
April 2013 Did I do the right thing in my father's last days in the hospital?
January 2013 If a Catholic has a funeral without a Mass, are they missing any blessings?
January 2013 How do stay faithful and take part in my nephew's passing while not hurting family feelings?
January 2013 What is the Catholic view if I choose not to do the dialysis and let nature take it's course?
January 2013 When one receives the Anointing of the Sick or Last Rites, is temporal punishment removed?
August 2012 If my wishes are different than my husbands, should he designate someone other than me?
August 2012 Must the location where a funeral service is performed, be in your home diocese?
April 2012 If your fate is sealed, what is the purpose and efficacy of the holy water?
January 2012 Is it all right that I submitted the name, of a friend who took his life, for the All Soul's Day Mass?
January 2012 Do you know if a Mozart's requiem Mass can be said and, if so, how much it would cost?
January 2012 How is the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick celebrated?
January 2012 In a normal death and a suicide, what are the Catholic traditions surrounding grief and burial?
January 2012 How does someone come to be buried in a cathedral and how are their bodies physically buried?
January 2012 What is permitted when dealing with the remains of a cremated Catholic and do these rules vary?
August 2011 Should we bless and make the Sign of the Cross over a non-Catholic's body at a wake or funeral?
August 2011 Does receiving the Last Rites dissolve a person of all their sins and keep them out of Hell?
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