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Questions about Baptism.
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Posting date Questions
January 2023 If I forgot to get my Baptismal Certificate signed by the officiating priest, can it be signed by another priest?
August 2022 If someone was dying and requested Baptism, could you use holy water instead of regular water?
April 2022 Will there be an issue with my non-Catholic wedding that would not allow my child to be baptized?
April 2022 Will there be an issue with my non-Catholic wedding that would not allow my child to be baptized?
January 2022 Though we weren't married in the Church, can my husband or I to baptize my sister-in-law's baby?
January 2022 Is it OK to have two Godparents: one a Catholic and the other a non-Christian or is one enough?
August 2021 How do I handle a "friend" who has told me I have to be his godparent and has no respect for me?
August 2021 Can a person get to Heaven without Baptism?
April 2021 Since I baptized my child at home due to COVID, how do I make my Baptism licit with the Church?
January 2021 Can I have one Catholic woman and one non-Catholic Christian woman as my sponsors for Baptism?
January 2021 Are Godparents required for Baptism?
August 2020 Is my Baptism valid, is there any harm in getting baptized again, and is my resurrection at stake?
April 2020 Can I change my legal name to my Confirmation saint's name on both sacramental certificates?
April 2020 Did God recognize the validity of the Baptism I did on my friend though she was unaware of this?
January 2020 Why is the baby being punished for the sins of the parents; (no one cares about the Original Sin)?
January 2020 Can a Christian witness's name be placed on the actual Baptismal certificate?
January 2020 How do I handle this situation and what are the specific requirements to becoming a godparent?
January 2020 If a parent is a baptized Catholic and their child is not, if the child dies, where does (he|she) go?
August 2019 Can we have our child baptized without getting married in the Catholic Church?
April 2019 If the priest who baptized me was arrested and found guilty of crimes, should I be re-baptized?
April 2019 Is it OK to have our new Catholic daughter dedicated in a baby dedication at a Protestant church?
January 2019 If I only have a private faith but want to be a Godparent for my friend, do I have to be a Catholic?
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