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Posting date Questions
General (26)
August 2020 What does authority mean if some aren't always healed and what's the exception in Matthew 19:9?
August 2019 Since I never received my First Communion should I receive that sacrament first or Confirmation?
August 2019 Do I need to marry in the Church to be able to receive Confirmation and have our son baptized?
April 2019 How is it that both Baptism and Confirmation occur below the age of reason and rational thought?
January 2019 Can my wife go to Confession and receive Holy Communion if she is going to a Protestant church?
August 2017 Who are the ministers of the Sacraments and who may receive the Sacraments?
August 2014 What is the form and matter for all seven sacraments?
August 2014 Can you answer some questions on the nature of a human person and the Eucharist?
January 2014 If one has committed a mortal sin, based on the precepts of the Church, is this permissible?
August 2013 Can a Catholic priest living in mortal sin can administer the holy sacraments?
April 2013 Since their parents aren't doing it, can we teach them so they can receive Communion at Mass?
April 2013 Can I teach my own children the sacraments so they will be able to receive them in the Church?
January 2012 Why don't the sacraments from his Protestant congregation count and does Canon law apply here?
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