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Sumbul Sultan wrote:

Hi, guys —


I am a Catholic by birth. My husband is Presbyterian. We have a 2-year-old boy who was baptized in the Presbyterian church. We have recently settled in Canada. (We are Immigrants.) I want my 2-year-old son to become a Catholic. My husband has agreed to this.

  • What should I do now?

Tell me the step-by-step procedure.



  { If my young son was baptized as a Presbyterian, how does he get baptized in the Catholic Church? }

Mike replied:

Dear Sumbul,

Based on the information you have provided to us, if you are a faithful Catholic, there would be no problem having your son baptized, as Presbyterians, like some Protestant denominations, administer a valid, Trinitarian Baptism. Since a person can only be baptized once, the pastor may choose to have your son conditionally baptized.

In situations similar to yours, the Church would have to see a good hope that the child will be raised as a faithful Catholic . . . meaning having his covenant renewed with the Lord by going to Mass every Sunday and ensuring you and he receive the appropriate sacraments on a regular basis e.g. Confirmation (once) and Confession (regularly).

You want to make an appointment with the pastor of one of your local Catholic churches. Try to find a pastor and church that is vibrant and faithful to the faith.

He will be able to tell you the exact step-by-step procedure for your situation.

The only promise the Church would expect, is from you, to raise your baptized son as a faithful Catholic. Your husband would only have to agree to this and not interfere. He would just be a witness to your promise . . . which appears not to be an issue.

At any time, we would welcome him as well but that is his choice and only his choice to make.

Because you are looking for procedures and processes on Baptism, this web page and posting may also help.

I have CC'd the whole team for you. Next time, if you want to ask the whole team a question, just go here and scroll down to the bottom of the page:

I hope this helps,


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