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August 2020 Are Catholics obliged to report anyone who breaks the law or just serious crimes like murder, etc.?
August 2020 Can the Church change moral and divine law on Capital Punishment and, if so, what's next?
August 2020 Did Jesus rescue the unrighteous souls in Sheol after His Death or were they already doomed?
August 2020 Why can't lay people bless bread and wine and forgive sins like priests and what's Sacred Tradition?
August 2020 What does it mean to give pleasure to God; does following God's Will please Jesus and the saints?
August 2020 Why did the Catechism use this wording to explain our union with Christ, the Word of God?
August 2020 Can you explain the sources of morality, especially these two; and explain this definition?
August 2020 If the Church says something that is clearly immoral, is it morally OK to disobey Church teaching?
August 2020 Can you clarify how Thomas explains the difference between mortal and venial sin in his Summa?
August 2020 Can you answer an array of questions on God's faithfulness: can He be manipulated or be trusted?
August 2020 Since Jesus is the only One who can forgive sins, why go to the pope or priests for forgiveness?
August 2020 Can you reply to questions on the Incarnation linked to the Eucharist and the (Body/Soul) of Jesus?
August 2020 What is sodomy and what if I want to go to Confession (for mortal sins) but my parents disallow it?
April 2020 Why does the Church focus on sin as a sin of commission when She should also focus on omission?
April 2020 How can we love "Being" and how can "Existence" talk to us or send the Only Begotten Son to us?
April 2020 Does the Church have a special definition for "fear" and how does the Catholic Church view fear?
January 2020 Why would a loving God allow a soul to suffer in Hell for all Eternity; what does the sufferer learn?
January 2020 What is feigned ignorance and what's the difference between knowledge and certain ignorance(s)?
January 2020 What happens to the spirit after death; is there an instant judgment or do we wait until the End?
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