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Posting date Questions
April 2021 Do souls in Purgatory have guardian angels?
April 2021 Shouldn't we be spending more time praying for the living than praying for Holy Souls in Purgatory?
April 2021 Where do our loved ones go after death; are they lifted up to Limbo or do they go to Heaven?
April 2020 What is the Catholic Church's point of view of the 'Signs and Wonders for Our Times' magazine?
January 2020 Why are the Holy Souls in Purgatory judged again if they were already judged when they died?
August 2019 Are the indulgences given by Pope St. Pius X in the early 1900s still in effect?
August 2019 Though indulgences, can souls enter Heaven whose temporal punishment has not been satisfied?
January 2019 How many type s of indulgence are there, what steps can one do to gain one, and are they biblical?
August 2018 Can you answer a few questions on life after death, dealing with Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell?
April 2018 Based on this dream, can you tell me if my sister is in Heaven or in Purgatory?
April 2018 Is the book, 'Get Us Out Of Here', written by Nicky Eltz approved for Catholics to read?
January 2018 Does the Church endorse St Gertrude's prayer which results in the release of 1,000 Holy Souls?
January 2018 Can you confirm my views of the after life and answer some related questions on Purgatory?
January 2018 What is Purgatory, is it a basic teaching, and what's the significance of Mary within the Church?
August 2017 Are there biblical verses you know or proof you could enlighten with on the topic of Purgatory?
August 2017 When a Catholic dies, does a Mass have to be said for them to ease their passage into Heaven?
January 2017 Couldn't a Protestant rebut our view of Purgatory by using a Catholic defense for Mary's virginity?
January 2016 If I still have venial or mortal sins at the Second Coming, how will these sins be purged?
August 2015 Are there any traditions related to Mary as a Mother to the Dead and are there ties to St. Francis?
June 2015 Why does the Church have this tradition for praying for those who have passed and why 9 and 40?
June 2015 Can one receive a plenary indulgence if they attend Mass on their parish's feast day and . . . ?
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