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Posting date Questions
August 2020 Are churches closed due the Coronavirus and at what age are seniors exempt from attending Mass?
August 2020 Can a Catholic honor the Sabbath day (and abstain from work) on another day, other than Sunday?
August 2020 In the history of Catholicism, has anyone ever fasted or sacrificed by not receiving the Eucharist?
August 2020 In Church history, when has the Church canceled Mass or offered a dispensation from attendance?
April 2020 What is the official position of the Catholic Church on who can receive the Blessed Sacrament?
January 2020 Can you clarify my doubts about the posture in both the Ordo and Extraordinary forms of the Mass?
January 2020 In the Nicene Creed, why does it say, "On the third day He rose 'again' " when He only rose once?
January 2020 Is the Eastern Rite the only one that holds 40-day memorial Masses for the deceased or do others?
January 2020 Can a Catholic who is married to a non-Christian receive Holy Communion?
January 2020 If my kids don't go to Heaven for not attending Mass, why would I want to go there without them?
January 2020 Is this scrupulosity on my part or is this the type of sin I should go to Confession for?
January 2020 How can I discuss the inadvisability of family members to receive Holy Communion at Christmas?
January 2020 In this situation, is this scrupulosity on my part or is it a sin I should go to Confession for?
January 2020 May I receive the Eucharist at the Christmas Vigil, Christmas Eve Mass, and Christmas Day Mass?
August 2019 How do I handle my sexaul cravings and is it sinful to go a long time without receiving Communion?
August 2019 Since I can't get to Confession before Mass, can I receive Communion to avoid a huge family rant?
August 2019 As a fallen away Catholic, could I have received Communion at my family member's Confirmation?
August 2019 If my daughter has cancer and cannot attend a Healing Mass, can I stand in as a proxy for her?
August 2019 Is a concelebrant, instead of the celebrant, allowed to perform the Fraction Rite during Mass?
August 2019 Why are the authors of the Epistles introduced as saints when the authors of the Gospels aren't?
August 2019 If I unintentionally missed Mass, do I need to go to Confession before receiving Holy Communion?
August 2019 Why does the Church celebrate Mass Ad Populum; is it because Jesus was crucified Ad Populum?
August 2019 What is the name given to the spoon and tray it rests on that, years ago, was used for Communion?
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