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Posting date Questions
April 2018 What is the value of prayer while working, if the correct way to pray is when we do not work?
April 2018 When we pray, is thinking about a specific image of Jesus, image worship?
April 2018 If Catholics pray for intercessions of the saints, why don't they pray for the intercession of angels?
January 2018 Can Catholics smoke cigarettes?
January 2018 Why is Latin a dead language and why do you talk in a dead language while you are in Church?
January 2018 If I go to Mass, would it be OK for me to work on Sunday, since our family really needs the money?
January 2018 Since it's the same thing as suicide, is it a sin to put a animal to sleep and what's St. Francis' view?
January 2018 What are your thoughts on switching Christian denominations and why do people switch?
January 2018 May I sprinkle holy water for my adult children, though they are not physically in my presence?
August 2017 Did I commit a mortal sin by attending a Protestant church?
August 2017 Can you help me answer this challenge to the Church's teaching on assisted suicide?
April 2017 Despite the spiritual attacks, should I press on with my fasting disciplines?
April 2017 What's the Church's view on Mindful Meditation and why are Buddhist techniques in our schools?
April 2017 Is it proper to offer our pastor a stipend for a home visit?
April 2017 Is it OK for a lay Catholic to wear a hair shirt as a form of mortification?
April 2017 Is working in the film field against the Catholic faith?
January 2017 Seeing you bless holy water, what would happen if a priest blessed the ocean with holy water?
January 2017 Seeing that I pray a lot, is lying down on my back with my head propped up a respectable posture?
January 2017 Why doesn't the Church use their obscene amounts of property to build homes for the poor?
January 2017 What else can I do to quicken my detachment from a yoga culture full of new age crap?
January 2017 How can the Church view capital punishment as sometimes acceptable when human life is sacred?
January 2017 Is it wrong for a Catholic speak to Mormon missionaries to find out where we agree and disagree?
August 2016 What is the official Catholic name for making the Sign of the Cross?
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