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2020 AskACatholic Three Tab Papal Repository of recent and previous Conciliary and Papal documents by:

  • Vatican II documents and Councils
  • Papal documents by Pope, and
  • Papal documents by Subject.
August 2020 What is the Vatican view of Malachy's prophecy of the 112 popes and can you decode this message?
August 2020 Can the Church change moral and divine law on Capital Punishment and, if so, what's next?
April 2020 If I follow Pope Francis' guidance, will I receive a general absolution without waiting for my priest?
January 2020 Can my kids receive their First Communion next year in Rome; and what documents are needed?
January 2020 If the Pope is infallible: were the bad popes, who were sexually and immorally sinful, infallible?
January 2020 Does the bishop have to obey the pope, when the pope supports something contrary to the faith?
August 2019 Is there someone in the Vatican who could look into the ancient archives for info on these issues?
August 2019 Where can I get a Papal birthday greeting for my mother-in-law who turns 90 this October?
January 2019 If someone will no longer attend a Novus Ordo Mass are they subject to these schismatic penalties?
August 2018 Is it right for the Pope (the leader of the Catholic Church) to pray at a Mosque?
April 2018 Can you clarify what Pope Francis' beliefs are regarding Hell and does he deny its existence?
April 2018 Why should infallibility be granted to the Church when teaching that something is morally bad?
August 2017 Are there any circumstances in which the Camerlengo would appear alongside the Pope?
August 2017 Is there a papal protocol for the Second Coming; if so, where is it located and what does it say?
January 2017 Can you explain the year of forgiveness and if the Pope forgives, why did Jesus have to die for us?
January 2017 Do you know the Church view on these questions seeing I'm thinking about joining the Church?
August 2016 Can you direct me to the source of a Latin song sung during a Papal address, referring to Lucifer?
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