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Posting date Questions
August 2020 How does a Catholic interact with the spiritual realm and discern the type of problem my son has?
August 2020 How does a Catholic handle the stresses of the Coronavirus, having a job, and this living situation?
August 2020 Can someone help me with some questions for a college documentary on religion?
August 2020 If I am a Catholic teen who watches porn and masturbates, what should I do to fix this?
August 2020 Why does the Lord let people who are hopeless, and who really want to die, live?
August 2020 How do I reply to non-believers who dispute the morality of God's (killing or ruination of property)?
August 2020 Although my mom wants me to convert my boyfriend, why should I force him when he's not ready?
August 2020 Why has my life been so aggravating and why am I so unfortunate; am I too bad to be forgiven?
August 2020 Is scab eating perilious to my salvation and is someone still a virgin if they've been masturbating?
April 2020 In this circumstance, can we move into a new rental house with a fixed Hindu idol on the wall?
April 2020 How can I change my intentions to be for God's good pleasure and so my life conforms to His Law?
April 2020 Can you provide some guidance for a teenage Catholic with confusing, mixed sexual thoughts?
April 2020 After this guilty mistake, should I tell these students what I agreed with, was wrong, now or later?
January 2020 Can you help me with my recent in-the-news struggles with the faith and the filioque issue?
January 2020 Since I go through psychological changes during puberty, is masturbation without lust a venial sin?
January 2020 Is it a mortal sin if I want to relieve stress while on my journey to completely stopping this habit?
January 2020 What Catholic book(s) can I recommend to a Presbyterian who does not practice their faith?
January 2020 How does a 30-year-old, who used to go to church as a kid, get back to going, despite my attitude?
January 2020 How do I handle the side effects of giving up masturbation via prayer, mediation, and counsel?
January 2020 Does the Church consider it suicide if I choose to stop dialysis?
January 2020 Which is worse: straight porn or gay porn and how do I stop browsing this on-line stuff?
January 2020 In this situation, is this scrupulosity on my part or is it a sin I should go to Confession for?
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