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Jason wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am a Sikh living in Canada. My parents are religious in terms of the Sikh religion. (A religion which I deeply respect as well.)

I have a feeling that I'm being called to the Catholic Church for various reasons. One day I was walking home and I accidentally lost my way and found a church. Anyway, that is just one of the reasons. I also connect better with people and feel more at peace knowing Jesus is at my side.

  • If I get baptized, will my parents be saved too?

They have been lifelong great people who have done a lot of good things in their lives. If not, then I'm happy to go with them to Hell. I don't want to be saved and leave my parents or sisters behind.

I am also sure they would not switch religions.

Thank you and God Bless!


  { If I get baptized, will my parents be saved too, seeing they have no interest in switching religions? }

Bob replied:


It is clear that you are indeed called to be Catholic, and secondly that you love your parents with all your heart. God loves your parents with His Whole Heart too. Keep in mind that He is their Savior, not you.

You must trust that He wants to save them, and your becoming a Catholic may be a light He wants to shine on them. Don't be afraid. Just love them and leave them in God's Hands. He has great mercy and always gives the benefit of the doubt to hearts that seek truth and love.

Becoming Catholic means seeking truth and following Jesus, even in great challenges. You must have courage and truth. You can do this with God's help and you will affect others along the way.

God bless you and I wish you the best.

Bob Kirby

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